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UOAlive Official Disclaimer on Player Guides

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Player guides are an amazing tool to help you get started at UOAlive.
We encourage these guides and often reward them if they become widely used!

We do however want to make sure everyone understands these are not official guides of UOAlive but that of individuals playing UOAlive.

They may become outdated in which case they are removed. They also may contain false information depending on the player. We try to encourage community checking and fact checking. But there may be information that slides through the cracks, please report to us on Discord's Help Ticket if you believe a guide should be removed.

That means you may find some things to go against a "Meta" or adhere to a "Meta" or not even know what a "Meta" is. All of these types of guides are encouraged, welcome, and considered valuable!

UOAlive as a whole is not about the min max but the community and the experience. At the same time we ALSO support those who wish to min max and hit that perfect piece of gear, we just encourage them to grab an ale at the local RP Three Stone Tavern afterwards to tell tales of their epic adventures! This is an environment that encourages any and all play styles!

So welcome to UOAlive and we hope some of these PLAYER GUIDES will be of use to you all!

Not open for further replies.