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On the Horizon 2023

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Here is a glimpse of what we are working toward for 2023.

Active Immediately:

- Giving back to the UOAlive Team for their time invested. (Sovereigns)
- UOReporters will also be rewarded for their contributions. (Sovereigns)
- This year we will be more consistent with rewarding those who go above and beyond to help the community. This also applies to those who report important bug fixes.
(we cannot give you a rare for everything, but we will do out best to recognize your efforts better!)

In development:

- Making the New Player experience more enjoyable and guided.
- Making content more accessible for the middle ground and casual player versus gating it for the hardcore. That doesn't mean no challenging content, but it does mean, if you rush, you may burn through faster. We will be putting emphasis on MULTIPLAYER as well for many events. This means there will be content you can play on your own and content you will need a group for. This is an online game, and we want to temper expectations that, some people will just not be able to see all content if they do not group up.
- :) Stay tuned fora special Quest with a lost daughter.

- Make the world feel more alive... UOAlive.
- More storyline events to deliver more ways to adventure and explore UOAlive: run by the GMs and Staff.
- Working with Players to enhance and empower more Player Run events, establishments, and roleplay.
- Continuing to balance the economy. (it is in a great place but could still use improvements)
- Adding publishes that have been missing from ServUO from OSI to UOAlive.
- Adding more creatures and dangers to the world to give every inch of UOAlive a purpose and magic to it.

On the Horizon, i.e. VERY FAR IN THE FUTURE IF WE GET TO IT...

- Constantly looking into Tamers and how to give them more diversity in pets that are not just a reskin of the meta.
- Adding more viability to low end items to sell via the player economy.
- Increasing the viability of Crafters

Trainable & Rideable Polar Bears & More

- We have given non sampire Melee an amazing boost over the year, and we plan to continue looking at this.
- Bards! Bards needs love too. We are going to put them on our radar.
- PURE Mages... While we love the idea of them being viable this era really is about "enhanced" magic and to "balance" for them will throw off the latter. So we will no longer be putting time into this, but focus on giving the above more love as the "magic" is really in a great place if you don't just look for the "nostalgia trip" of "pure mage".

We lied:

A note from the staff on any of the above:

All of the development points above are also subject to change, never happen, or just not have an "expected" date. We did want to share our thoughts though so you know where we are looking for the future of UOAlive.

This is a live service. That means balance changes and adjustments may need to happen throughout the year. Any and all items are open to be removed at any time from the server if they are deemed too powerful and throw things out of balance. As much as we can try not to have something slip in, it's easy enough to do. Players are here for fun, not for stress, and I think we all learned that these changes must be decisive and quick. No polls, no suggestions, if it is obviously impacting the server in a negative way, it will be removed, changed, or adjusted accordingly. We value feedback, but sometimes the white horse is just white.
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