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Orion - starter guide


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This is a guide to help understand the basics of Orion. It doesn't cover the installation part which can be found here https://uoalive.com/forum/pages/PlayNow/.

Some notes on Orion:
- It has searchable containers when you switch the container to grid mode
- You can resize the window, the gumps, some fonts and the icon size in some gumps
- The option menu is messy but it works.

When you launch Orion to log in the game, it will open a new window "Orion Assistant" (similar to Razor Enhanced). This is where all the fun happen, in the different Tabs.

Main tab
1) Options area, like Corpses auto-open (not auto-loot), no death screen, speech filter...
2) Profile
I recommend to create a profile for each character from the start. If you do it after it is a bit messy. This helps to have the hotkeys/macro and other setup defined by character.
"Options 1" is where you will define parameters like delay for "wait target" ,"move item", ... and distance to open

Lists tab
One of the corner stone of the way Orion works. It uses lists for a lot of things like auto-loot, scavengers or scripts. The most used is "Find".
To create a new list, the steps are:
1) Left side "Find list". Click "new" and give your list a name.
2) Once your "name" is created, select a list and add items by clicking "new". This will open the pop-up 3. Each added item will be displayed here for the selected list.
3) Edit/create a new item. Simplest is to click the big button in the middle "Select by target", it will activate a Target cursor in the game. Click the item you want to add. This will fill in the data and then click "OK". Done.

Agents tab
This is where you will find Auto-loot, Scavengers, Organizers but also Shop list (Should you want to automatize shopping) or "dress", to equip-unequip (I don't use it as I use scripts to do that).
They follow the same logic so I will just focus on auto-loot.
1) left side, create a auto-loot name, clicking on "new". This is just a name, that allow you to define different auto-loot.
2) Select a list from the Find List you have created earlier
3) select a bag where you want the loot to go
4) start. Caveat here, you need to start the auto-loot or scavenger each time you log-in or die... Maybe there is a way, I've not searched for it.

Macros tab
1) Create a new Macro
2) This where you can record your action for a Macro. Don't forget to stop recording at the end.
3) you can play the macro manually by clicking play, loop and define the delay between loops
4) convert the macro to script, quite useful to start to write scripts. It will open a new text window with the macro converted in Orion commands.
Of note, the "Create fast Gump" button, which lets you have a button in your UO window to launch the macro.

Scripts tab
Orion uses Javascript
1) This is where you type your scripts. It could be all in the same file or you can "import" (Include) files in the same way you wouyld do in a javascript code. Being lazy, I've all the scripts in the same file.
2) Once you have saved your scripts they will appear in this dropdown list. You have also start/pause/stop buttons there.
3) Path of the javascript files
4) "Help", extremely useful documentation of all UO/Orion related functions.

Here is also a useful link for some scripts https://github.com/adverserath/OrionSetup

Hotkeys tab
Not much to say about it, this where you allocate all your hotkeys to your scripts, macro, skills, ...
Interface is pretty straight forward.

Options menu
Accessed from the Paperdoll option button. Not going to review all options but some common ones.
- Press enter to activate chat and some fonts adjustments

- Grid containers, large gumps,...

- block war on pet, party, friendly

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