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UOAlive Passion for C#? Passion for Community? Passion for UO? UOAlive is "hiring".


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Does UO make you feel ALIVE? Well why not join the Dev Staff at UOAlive!?

We’re “hiring”.

UOAlive is a modern, OSI-accurate server focused on providing a fun, relaxed PvE experience with consensual-only PvP. We value community over EVERYTHING else. Check out the player testimonials here: Reddit Post with Testimonials

We have been here for over 6+ years driven by passion and not dollar signs. We are one of the only freeshards with a no-dono shop. And we will NEVER have one.

In recent times, our population has been growing exponentially! Our players love the warm, friendly community they’ve created. (key being they created, we just provided the tools) With our growth, we’re seeking to add a non-paid staff position for those with the skills and passion to apply.

Position: C# Developer

Responsibilities: Using ServUO and C#, the developer will work with the rest of the staff and the players to resolve reported bugs, create QoLs, and approved content. Bear in mind that UOA is already fully developed and OSI-accurate and plans to stay that way.

The content and QoLs and other projects all need to fit in UOA’s vision of staying balanced, modern, and OSI-Accurate. We’re not looking for you to create wild new systems. Rather we’re looking for someone who can work with us in a team approach to create what is best for the server and its players.

  • C# knowledge (you don’t need to be a guru. UOA can help you hone and grow your C# skills. But we do ask you have at least basic proficiency and basic experience)
  • ServUO knowledge (again, you don’t need to be a guru, but you should have basic knowledge experience, and exposure to ServUO)
  • Knowledge of modern day UO or being willing to learn
  • Knowledge of Github and the workflow of Push/Pull with Visual Studio(or equivalent)
  • Enjoys pleasant interactions with players and fellow staff members on discord
  • Understands that the server is about and for the players
  • Able to follow server rules and take direction and guidance from the server admin
  • Passion for UO and programming
Does this sound like you? If so, you might be a great fit and we’d love to talk to you in more depth.

For more information on the position and to apply: please Join the UOAlive Discord Server!, take a look around, and if you like what you see, open a ticket so we can speak more! Those who make proposals after looking at the server as to what they can offer and show the initiative to really have their shit together more than “I can spawn random creatures on players” will be taken WAY more seriously then, “I saw ad, I know C#, give me server info”. This is a community, a family, not just a playground to test new scripts.

For more information on UOAlive itself, please visit our webpage at www.UOAlive.com

Extra info on UOAlive's monetary situation as answered in a reddit question and why a donation of 10$ will never be worth more than the passion of every staff member of UOAlive:

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