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Patch Patch 1-26-23 Last chance for Kudos to Britcoin!

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Reminder Exchange Kudos for Britcoin! Feb 1st the Stone and Kudos get REMOVED from the Server Forever.

Magincia Stone Bazaar, get there via the Moongate's "Special Locations" tab on the left!

  • Discord in game chat has returned! We apologize if this crashes the server, but we THINK, think... being the key words here... that we solved it. The only way to test it though is live. Sooooo... if we crash, that is why :) But if we don't IN GAME CHAT IN DISCORD IS BACK!!! And we loved this feature.
  • The new Bard items have been added to the Monty Python Rewards! 3 new chests with a unique Instrument and Item! All instruments are tuned to Stones!
  • A florist has been found wandering the world near New Haven.
  • The Mule has been sighted in the world! (This is a ride-able pack mule to give a second choice to the Blue Beetle. This is going to be a bit rarer as well!)
  • Next week will be an earlier patch that will include some major items for Valentine's Events as well as a special something @Eleos has been working on!

  • SOS and Treasure maps have been adjusted again to work as we intended.
    • SOS have had gold put back to normal, this was not meant to be changed.
    • Treasure maps will now drop Power scrolls to all facets in Cache, Hoard, & Trove & crafting power scrolls in Artisan, should also be Cache, Hoard, & Trove. @Hammerhand (this was intended in the last patch but didn't quite work)
    • Future updates coming to make treasure hunting more engaging for veteran players who want for nothing but yearn for more! As well as more drops for treasure maps throughout the world!
  • The Bears... have migrated. The Miners ran them off, damn miners! There are two locations for them to spawn across the world.
  • Monty Python items for bards have had their names slightly changed.
  • New Player Dungeon can now be teleported and shadow stepped in.
  • Retouching tool on the gold stone removed, still available via Vet Rewards to avoid confusion.
  • Felucca will no longer default to ugly trees, it will be beautified like Trammel.
  • Polar Bear and Cusidhe spawn rates have been adjusted to be slightly more common especially for the lower level spawns.
  • The Mule will now have the Title: Mundane under it's name.
  • House price was wrong for one of the prebuilt customs. That has been fixed.
  • Random Typos and Random fixes
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