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Patch Patch 2-13-2023 - Surveyor John's Portable Campsite and Secondary Skill OVERHAUL!

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Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™

Attention all adventurers, nomads, and crafters! Get ready to embark on your next journey with ease and comfort thanks to the amazing Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™. Say goodbye to permanent houses and hello to the freedom of a minimalist lifestyle. Surveyor John, known for his grouchy but brilliant mind, has created a brand new item that will revolutionize your travels.

With Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™, you can set up a comfortable and convenient base anywhere you go, whether it's before a big dungeon run or in the mountains while you craft. The campsite comes complete with a smithy, a cozy bed to rest your head(company not included...), and a storage sack to keep your ingots and tools safe. No more hoarding or lugging heavy equipment from place to place, with Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™, you can have everything you need in one compact and convenient package. (this will only work in certain spots atm: Felucca, Malas, Tokuno for the first week, then we will expand this to Trammel)

So, whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a beginner just starting out, don't miss out on this must-have item. Purchase yours today at the Magincia Magical Stone Market and start exploring, crafting, and adventuring like never before!

Main Features:

  • A Secure Travel Bag to Temporarily Store Items:

  • Your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ will ONLY stay in the world for 5 days max. If you do not re-pack your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ before then it will decay. There is NO WAY to recover goods and NO WAY to refresh your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™. This is meant to be for those on the move, not a permanent home. You can see the decay date by dragging over your carrying bag.
  • There is a working forge and smith for the crafters out there!
  • Repacking Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ will delete anything you have stored in it. Make sure to empty it before doing so. There is no way to recover your items if not:
  • Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ follows the same rules as houses for placement, except you are allowed to own ONE home AND ONE Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™.
  • Can be found on the Magincia Magical Stone Exchange:
Get your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ today!"

Second Major Announcement - Secondary Skills System:
Get ready for a game-changing update in UOAlive! Our Secondary Skills system, a long-standing feature of the server, has undergone a massive overhaul thanks to the tireless work of our own Counselor @Eleos.

Gone are the days of "workarounds", because Eleos has rewritten the entire system from the ground up to provide you with an even better and more seamless experience. Not only has she fixed every issue, but she has added new functionality that makes the Secondary Skills system even more amazing.

With this update, you no longer have to worry about juggling skills or choosing when to raise or lower them. Say goodbye to the need for a soulstone, and hello to the ease of buying skills directly from vendors. Enjoy the Secondary Skills system without a second thought and experience the improvements in Quality of Life that UOAlive is known for.

Not only that but you can now SEE your TRUE skill cap with the click of a button!

In the modern gump you can now see your skill cap of Normal skills that count toward your cap and your total skills including secondary!

In the Classic Gump (click the SHOW REAL button at the bottom to see your Main skills without counting your secondary!)

This change is a true testament to Eleos' hard work and determination, and we cannot stress enough just how incredible this update is. If you thank anyone today, it should be Eleos for pouring countless hours into creating a better system for all of us. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth and seamless experience of the Secondary Skills system in UOAlive. This update is working perfectly and is truly one for the books! (and since it is one of those updates that when it works goes without notice, we turly wanted to emphasize the amazing work @Eleos has done here!)

Note-able changelog beyond the full overhaul:

  • Skills gump now shows only real skills in the Real skills total, which can be easily monitored against the real skills cap. Free skills values are visible under other columns / settings in the skills gump.
  • Buying skills from NPCs now allows free skills to be purchased when over the real skills cap. Real skills can only be purchased from NPCs when the purchase would keep them under the real skills cap or if there are down-pointing real skills to offset NPC teaching gains.
  • Scrolls of Transcendence can now be used for players whose total skills are over the real skills cap. For free skills, the scroll of transcendence can always be used, as long as it keeps the skill under that individual skill's cap. For real skills, when the character is at or near the real skills cap, the scroll can be used if there are other down-pointing real skills to offset the gains. The scroll of transcendence will not be used if there are not enough down-pointing real skills to gain the transcendence level without violating the real skills cap.
  • Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ (above)
  • Secondary Skill Overhaul (above)
  • New Magincia got a little bit more magical... step n a colored stone to see why!
  • New command [ReDeed - Type this and target anything you would normally use an axe on. No need for an axe anymore.
  • Seeds can now be collected all at once (thank you @Tomj) 1 click will check all resources or seeds still available and create each in a backpack. Each seed will have a 5% chance to be a renewal one as intended
  • Added a bunch more Valentine Items to the Valentine's day stone for Valentine's DAY!
  • Frigga can now spawn EVERY Hour!

  • Players can no longer stay logged into the game if they are not patched to the latest patch, it will kick after 5 minutes. This is to prevent poor performance false positive bug reports. To make sure it is very clear to players know what they need to do we have added a very helpful overlay gump that will continue to popup until the player updates or is kicked. The 5 minute timer is also dependent on account age. The longer you have played the longer it takes to kick you.

  • Discord Global Chat is back on
  • Dungeon entrances have had their (prevent placing a house) area tweaked to be smaller to allow for cooler housing spots.
  • Began removing chests in Dungeons that are not treasure chests. This seemed like a very anticlimactic functionality from OLD UO that was no longer needed and served to frustrate new players rather than reward them. We will also be looking into the loot tables of these at a later date.
    • Dungeons finished so far: Cove Deceit Destard Despise Fire (work in progress)
  • Holy Hand Grenade weight reduced.
  • The Chat Gump has been improved to be more legible on all client (sans the EC as it cannot read HTML) with one color for names and a better uniform layout.
  • Fixed a dupe issue in ServUO (reason for the early patch day)
  • Scribes start with a pen
  • Demons Drop level 7 Spell Scrolls as intended
  • Tiger Pelt Typo
  • Totem of Chromatic Fortune Fixed and re-added to the UOStore
  • Fishing Poles now retain resource hues, crafter name & if exceptional. @Hammerhand
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