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Patch PATCH - 2/18/2023 - UOAlive Launcher!

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It is here! The Official UOAlive Launcher!
(yes you can still use any classic method of connecting and installing, this is just a one stop shop for all your classic client needs!)
  • One click launch and install for UOAlive
  • Updated Play Now Landing page https://uoalive.com/forum/pages/PlayNow/
  • Comes with a built in version of Classic UO Launcher
  • Comes built in with UOSteam when building a house roof :p
  • Is always updated to the latest version of UOAlive automatically upon launch
  • Has links to the website, discord, and our forums.


A very special thank you to @anathemort for assisting with the deployment and testing of this launcher. Could not have done it without them!


  • Treasure Chests by @Hammerhand :
    • Added crafting recipes to Cache & above t-map chests on a very random drop (all facets). None of the rare or Doom recipe drops are included.
    • Added runic tools to Cache & above t-map chests on a very random drop (all facets).
      1 runic or recipe will be dropped in a treasure bag (a 2nd gem bag simply renamed as Treasure Bag).
    • The Runics & Recipes only drop with the Artisan maps.
    • Scrolls of Transendence & alacrity scrolls now drop in Cache t-map chests (all facets) which reduces the odds of getting nothing but power scrolls.
    • Each t-map chest Cache & above will all have a chance of dropping a combination of SOT's, Alacrity, Power Scrolls and the occasional t-map, Trove being the exception on the T-map dropping.
    • Overall gold has been decreased to make room for these higher end items, and no this is not up for debate, the amount of gold being injected into the server from lower end and high end chests was out of this world vs the risk. We found a nice balance now between gold and items to make it worth the effort in the long run, appropriate for effort, all while not tanking the economy.
  • UOAlive has a Launcher, (details above)
  • Dungeon Chests now have a chance to drop RARES. The higher the level the more likely. Also cleaned up erroneous items and added more helpful items like more bolts, arrows, and refinements!
  • Seedbox added to stone exchange
  • Since the overhaul to Secondary Skills: Alacrity and Transcendence scrolls now work without a hitch, we have decided not to fix the bug with the 2 times gain of skills at the Britain Crafter station. This gives these items a market value in a place where skill gain is already very high.
  • CUB Points adjusted: lowered price of Talisman before Conjurerers to be better in line with effort and power.
    • Lucky Charm 300k - 225k
    • Soldiers Medal 300k - 225k
    • Duelists Edge 300k - 225k
    • Necromancers Phylactery 300k - 225k
    • Wizards Curio 300k - 225k
    • Mystics Memento 300k - 225k
    • Vollem Held In Crystal 300k - 225k
    • Conjurers Trinket 350k
    • Conjureres Garb 450k
    • Conjurers Grimoire 550k
  • Conjurer's items will now show details on hover.
  • Surveyor John's Campsite can now be places in Trammel
  • Pet leash will no longer check skill to unleash a pet. That means if you unleash a pet and cannot control it, it will not take commands, but it will allow players to ride vanity pets and the like from the UOStore as intended while being able to utilize the convenience of the Pet Leash, which is not native to OSI. QoL tweak for both players and Help Tickets ;)
  • Removed a ton of birds from heartwood, increased mushroom spawner.
  • Adjusted spawn rate for Spellweaving quest spawn at the Garg Camp.
  • Shrunken pets weigh 20 stones instead of 10 to balance out carrying 193199 pets.
  • Invasion of Luna Dungeon Monthly Changed the HP of the Last Elemental wave to 10k and increased loot drops to be given out to EVERYONE who does damage to every mob. Teamwork pays off!
  • Reduced amount of kills from 200 - 100 in that same wave.
  • Nearly all Magincia Exchange stones have been unified to Sovereigns in a continued effort to simplify the currencies.
  • Increased amount of toxic Slith, spread out more in the area to be more natural in TerMur
Bug Fixes
  • Champion Spawns have had a multitude of changes, adjustments, and backend code changed to hopefully alleviate the "hard spike" latency. You will still lag on your own computer while killing 50 mobs at once(crazy sampires), but it will not be server side.
    • Champ Spawn Adds corpse decay is now near instant.
  • Backend changes to Linq and .net states to hopefully improve any latency spikes from additional players.
  • Fixed an issue with potted plants turning into Cupid. Love is strange.
  • Dough can be marked exception.
  • Leather wolves spawn in TerMur
  • Ancestral Gravestone Fix @Tomj
Seems like another great patch. Kind of bummed on Gold in Tmaps, but let's see how this plays out :)
We understand that it can be a bummer to lose something, but after really intense testing this is something we would rather offer you better items than just throw gold at you. The level 1 and 2 were about 3-5 easy mobs and upwards of 40k gold. It was insanely bad for the economy be is OSI accurate or not, and we all know how OSI's economy is. And the longevity of UOAlive is a much greater goal than the gold tweaks here :)
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