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Patch Patch - 2/22/2023 - Summoners and Champion Spawns

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The Summoner:

We have always discussed "pure mages" on UOAlive and the idea that they are not ideal as OSI kinda let them fall to the wayside compared to other builds. But when you combine different skills with them mages and mystics have always been valuable members of any adventuring party, providing powerful spells and support abilities that can turn the tide of battle. However, they have often been overshadowed by their ranged, necro, melee, and tamer counterparts, who can deal massive damage with less finesse needed.

We want to change that... and with the introduction of the Summoner Class, pure mages/mystics have a chance to shine like never before.

The first step includes the following: The Summoner Class utilizes a revamped summoning system that takes many of the existing mechanics of summoning, but with small targeted tweaks to make a whole new dynamic to the Magery class. (tweaks that can easily be added or removed if we find an imbalance and no one will lose anything, since they are summoned! This is why we are willing to roll this out so quickly!)

One of the key changes is reducing the control slots of summoned creatures, making it easier for the Summoner to summon and control multiple creatures at once. This allows for a more strategic and dynamic playstyle, as the Summoner can summon a variety of creatures to fight for their cause. Summons will now ALL act as if they were pets. You can command them to do your bidding like a tamed creature. Follow, guard, stay, kill. All at your whistle.

The Summoner Class also introduces a host of new creatures that can be summoned, including many of the rare, exotic, and even possible legendaries that tamers find in the wind, but they are summons so they will not last forever! Don't wanna bother with animal training, this is a great way to enjoy and experience those UOAlive specific tames without the hassle! To start we will include the likes of: ridable polar bears, powerful dragons like Toothless, speedy windrunners, and more... much more. Each creature has its own unique abilities and attributes just like their tame-able counterparts, allowing the Summoner to pick and choose their summons to fit their playstyle. These summons can and will still be able to be dispelled so choose carefully as each summon takes a long period of time and and even though you can cycle through to pick your creature, there will be consequences for excessive cycling, with your summon inflicting damage upon you.

With the Summoner Class, pure mage/mystic/spellweavers on UOAlive have more diversity and viability than ever before. They can summon powerful creatures, customize their choice of summons, and use a variety of already available offensive and defensive/support spells and abilities to dominate the battlefield.

So if you're looking for a new and exciting way to play with the magics, look no further than the Summoner Class on UOAlive. We believe with just the small amount of tweaks above, mixed with current Enchanted Summoning masteries, and Spell Weaving, step 1 of making these classes more unique and entertaining to play while being more viable is just beginning!


We hope that you will appreciate the seemingly simple yet significant changes we have made to the Summons on UOAlive. These updates are expected to have a lasting and meaningful impact on the magery classes as a whole, and we believe that they will enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Champion Spawn Adjustments

  • Champion Spawn bodies now get deleted before even creating a corpse to optimize server resources. @anathemort
  • Champion spawns waves are now stagger to stop the CPU locks that were causing you to freeze @anathemort <-- god. Alongside @Fazuul
  • Champion Spawn Transcendence Scrolls and 105 PS's higher chance to drop.

  • Come take a tour of all the custom houses available to you in the game prior to purchase. Take the Moongate to House Tour Island under special locations!
  • New Player Vendor tiles added to the Britain Streets in Felucca! Let's get the city populated again! LIMIT TWO per IP.
  • Added a sign to TerMur's City to point players in the direction of the quest giver for the Abyss. This is a major bottle neck for players due to outdated and confusing info on UOGuide.
  • Added Certificates to hand out for official reasons.
  • Added backend to possibly Automated Restarts of the server.
  • More Backend Stability improvements.

  • Frostmite mounts have been turned off until ClassicUOAssistant updates it so they are not invisible. This is too confusing to players who don't know it shows on all other clients. We ask that you keep these in your stables or shrunken for the time being to avoid floating around the world. We do not want to remove any of them :) The update should come, just takes time since it is their client and not ours.
  • Special Keeps and Castles have been re-arranges in the house placement tool
  • Special Keeps that had Castle prices have been lowered to match their respective lockdown equivalents.
  • Dungeon chests will now have higher damage if you DO NOT disarm trap prior to opening them. The higher level chest, the higher the damage. It CAN kill you.
  • Speaking NPCS in town do it less often to have less spam.
  • Paragons move 2 times as fast. (oooooo scurry!)
  • Tracking ability has been buffed to match the view distance of modern 4k Monitors. (great suggestion)
  • Singularity Quest Failure Timer reduced from 24 hours to 10 minutes (no one should have to wait 24 hours to try again with a puzzle)
  • Frigga health pool greatly reduced for the remainder of the event.
  • Cupid's health pool greatly reduced for the remainder of the event.
  • Cupid Arrows needed Greatly Reduced for the Remainder of the event.
  • Resource boxes moved back to Storage stone, it made more sense and it is not a UOAlive exclusive.
  • Murder Bear is now 2 Slots to make it more in line with other legendaries.

  • Mirror Images will now properly de-spawn after the max 60 second timer.
  • Fixed name of Knights of "Ni"
  • Meditation won't fail if you are GM anymore like OSI.
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