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Patch Patch 2-24-2023

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  • A new tame-able Exotic has been spotted in the world... LOOK FOR RAINBOWS BY THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN FILLED WITH CANDY GOODNESS! This will be different than the UO Store version, an EXOTIC version.
  • Tarantula Mount will be REMOVED from the GAME. It has been REPLACED with the WINDRUNNER! Your existing Tarantula's will be modified automatically over the next few days. Sorry, the Tarantula never was supposed to go in game because it has no attack animations and temporarily became invisible.. Oh and it's horrifying and Schuyler Bain was getting nightmares. This will be different than the UO Store version, an EXOTIC version.
  • Tracking increased distance to 100 base.
  • New tame-ables cannot be paragons
  • Orc Captains will now have the title of Orc Captain and drop rate of 25% for the Summoner Quest Whip.
  • The final question to the Holy Grail quest bridge is now movie accurate.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Music in blessed areas from changing the actual music of the area. Sans the library we added cool music :)
  • Animated Weapon 2 Slots instead of 4
  • Bladespirit cast time reduced
  • Summon Creature has more summons available as well
  • Summon Creature cast time reduced slightly
  • Summoned Creatures generate two times the chance to get loot priority since damage is divided to summoner (@anathemort thx for the assist)
  • Arcane empowerment got a buff to the Dispel Bonus - Spellweaving
  • Rising Colossus Timer extended by 60 seconds IF you have 120 Spellweaving.
  • Magery Elementals are not 2 Slots instead of 1.
  • Summoned creatures no longer leave a body.
  • Creatures and bosses that had a chance to just auto dispel a summoned creature without checking any of the masteries or skills will now check for a combination of your Spellweaving and Mysticism Skill Value. It does not check Magery. This will allow you to stay in the fight longer but still have a chance to be a little chaotic. (example Barracoon would insta dispel everything) this change is why we put the Elementals back to 2 slots. It balances out. (@anathemort thx for the amazing help on this)
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