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Patch Patch - 2/26/2023 - Latency Debug

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  • Champ Spawns Reworked: will stay up for 2 hours. If you cannot complete in that time, it will reset. This will add a new challenge and urgency to the spawn as well as reducing timer and mobile checks.
    • Mobs will still poof on death to reduce latency.
    • Mobs will still spawn staggered.
    • If you have excess/and gained Valor you can advance a champion spawn more candles by using it again on the idol.
    • There is a TWO HOUR(subject to change) delay between starting the Champion you just COMPLETED.
    • DUE TO THIS CHANGE... And depending on how it all plays out, All champions will be FIXED spawn now reverting from a 5 year old Randomized system. We want to monitor this, but believe this will be beneficial to teamwork and also to using different spawn areas versus hammering the same one over and over. Some will remain random.

    • Further, we may adjust some of the "easier" locations to be more difficult to counter that (such as Ice East and the other tightly packed locations) TBD at a later date.
  • Global to Discord Chat has been disable for the foreseeable future.
  • Chat box will be running again.
  • Updated our backend for a core Function we utilize VitaNex and other plugins/Invasions.
  • Cleaned up a ton of code.
  • Added some backend for the Candy Mountain Fun.
  • Fixed all Warnings in console.
  • Added fix for webclient login and account creations
  • Global chat stays off on server restart for 10 minutes to prevent lag
  • More backend cleanup on old code
  • Deleted the mob that caused the crash
  • 3 days instead of 7 to delete a character

All changes were done between myself and @anathemort (thank you for the amazing assistance)
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