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Patch Patch - 2/7/2023

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  • Added more items to Magincia Stones that were transferred from the Event Token.
  • Surveyor John "Fixed" the stairs in the Wind Valentine Casino, so he tells us.
  • Frostmite Mount now spawned
  • Dev stuff: Added Support for Flags Enums in Properties
    Now it is possible to edit the single flags of properties as long as they have the FlagsAttribute and are Enum based
    • Added unsigned support and injection of default flag options
    • all unsigned types are supported now as well
    • added the ability per injection into the value and name arrays to set all flags to off or on

  • Frost Dragon and Direwolf removed from the animals that would spawn -1 less than the lowest control slots. Added Triton.
  • Made it so Valentine chocolates with quotes no longer stack. People want the rarity! :)
  • Valentine's QUEST Items now drop direct to bag instead of needing to loot. (all special items still drop to bag)
    • Less cupid arrows needed due to new drop rates
  • Cleaned up Magincia stalls,
    • removed erroneous objects and added flare
    • added more vendors spawn spots and beautified it.
  • Cupid Boss has been completely reworked due to a server stability issue. It may be a little bit harder now too :p
  • Regular v day mobs have less visual graphics all around to just make it less spammy.
  • Huntsman Timer back to 30 Days.
  • Cold Drake Fix taming specialties
  • Fixed a few typos
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