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Patch Patch - 2/9/23 - Balances and QoL - Patch your Client

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Please update at your earliest convenience by running UOPatch.exe

in your Ultima Online Install Directory.


Here is how you update ClassicUO's client version manually and automatically:

Click for MANUAL Video
Click for AUTO Video

  • Mysticism Scrolls now drop in TerMur off the following mobs(50% chance):
    • Fire Daemon
    • High Plains Boura
    • Kepetch
    • Kepetch Ambusher
    • Lifestealer
    • Raptors
    • Trex
    • Gorilla Boss
    • ToxicSlith
    • Minion of Scelestus 100% Chance
They used to only drop off Navery and 3 other mobs. Not intended. Crazy enough on OSI, they too have issues with this. So I guess ServUO did "mimic" them.
  • Added Stuffy Animals to Frigga's Loot Table that come in a cute V Day Chest!
  • Added the Stuffy Dwagon and some cute V Day items to the V-Day Event Stone in Magincia
  • Additional functionality added to Global Chat.
    • Global Mute for moderation.
    • Chat on and off for maintenance.
    • Chat History Clear. No more need to restart if someone gets funky.
  • CupidsBow drops in two colors now.
  • Cupid can be spawned with 75 arrows now down from 100.
  • Cupid will now server announce when spawned as it does take a group and where(uh oh):

  • You will also know when Cupid has Fallen!

    (yes we fixed the typo)
  • Adjusted a bunch of NPC Vendor Sell Prices to allow for a more competitive player vendor market:
    • Arrows will now sell for 8GP Per off Vendors
    • Bolts will now sell for 9GP Per off Vendors
    • Feathers will now sell for 5GP Per off Vendors
    • Shafts will now sell for 3GP Per off Vendors
  • Of note, NPCs used to raise their prices over time to these top prices anyway, so it isn't far off what it could be if someone was buying over and over. To help with that we raised the amount of these resources that could be purchased by the NPC before a price increase. Remember it is PER NPC so if the price raises, you can go to another NPC that stocks them at 999 at base price listed above.
  • So not to make it harder for new players starting out with Archery we have increased the amount of arrows for a new Archer to 200 from 25 and a Fletchers Feathers and Shafts from 5 to 50, feathers from 3 to 100, and boards from 5 to 25. As well checked weight at lowest str to make sure if they picked all the "heavy classes" they would not be overweight.
  • Also added one centaur into the New Player Dungeon at the end of LVL 1 to show people there are other methods to get arrows and bolts.
  • Also not new, but if you have never been there, check out the caves of Bucs Den(this is a custom area), there are pirates and murderers! They drop Bolts AND Arrows as well as High Seas items to get you sailing quicker! (in case ya didn't know).
  • Initiation Armor hued to Match the UOAlive Purple when in a set.
  • Adjusted Holy Hand grenade damage and weight.
  • Adjusted the Holy Grail Rabbit to easierlyllylyl accept said damage.
    • Don't miss.
Bug Fixes:
  • Critical Bug Fixed that allowed access to restricted areas. This was a ServUO critical bug across all servers that had to be resolved since it was released in a public forum so anyone could replicate it. Thank you to those who brough this to our attention.
  • Legendary Cusidhe will now show their proper shrunken pet icons when shrunk.
  • Totem of Chromatic Fortune removed temporarily while we work on fixing it.
  • No more weird chat system disabled messages when logging in.
Again we offer rewards for people willing to write some of these. Just DM tr1age to ask what is needed.

On the Horizon:
A little hint at something we are working on, it may not happen, but if it does it will be one more way to making getting into UOAlive that much easier :)

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