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Patch Patch - 3/2/23 - Hardware Upgrades / Epic Quests!

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We have migrated to a completely new server. We ran multiple tests and ping checks for many of the locations people play on the server and everyone is getting about 10ms(minimum) to 20% BETTER PING than our other server. We now have enough horse power under the hood to play the latest Call of Duty while multi boxing UO(...tisk tsk...). This thing puts some of my own computers to shame. Until it propagates the host name:

IF USING THE LAUNCHER YOU NEED TO REDOWNLOAD THE EXE and RUN IT: http://uoalive.com/uoalivelauncher.zip

Long story short, we are hoping with the changes below, continued network core changes to UOAlive still in the pipe, the changes we have already made to the core of UO which has it running a ton smoother even on the old server, and this extremely big upgrade on hardware, that this not only gets us past hitches and hangs, but future proofs us for growth. And what a segue into our new....

Discord Supporter Badges, call it the "Verified" of UO:


But seriously, we truly hope this makes a world of difference for everyone play as we grow. And we are continued and dedicated to making sure your experience is not only fun, but smooth, without much interruption, and supported!

And with THAT being said... how about a new EPIC QUEST?!?!?!

The Skull of Power!
Watch the Trailer

Then check out all the details:

  • BRITCOIN is now a Virtual Currency, drag it to your bank to put it in your [wallet (you cannot trade it in for sovs if you don't) This is to unify how currencies work as well as reduce CPU and load time/items in the world.
    • We ran a command on start to move any in your bank to your wallet. You must have it in your wallet to redeem it.
    • You will only gain on britcoin IN your wallet.
    • Please move it to your bank box to reduce in game item count.
  • Sovereigns can now be WITHDRAWN from the bank like Gold, no need for a Magincia stone, just say: "withdraw X sovs" or sov or sovereign or sovereigns
  • Skull of Power files added, event will be started over the weekend if the server is holding up, we want to test it first for a few days for stability.

  • Young Players are no longer teleported to a different place on death. They must walk from where they died like everyone else. This is to avoid the confusion this was causing when dying in say despise and ending up in the middle of Moonglow. Nothing sucks more than being in a group with someone and finding yourself half way across the world. You can still use your new player teleport to New Haven button.
  • Global chat now has a throttle method in it to prevent spam and un-necessary latency. You should not even notice.
  • Admin names will now show a different color in chat to help get your attention.
  • Chat will only remain off on reboot for 5 minutes down from 10.
  • Chat on and Chat off colors changed to match the existing scheme.
  • 3 days instead of 7 to delete a character

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Champ Sleep period to actually be 2 hours instead of 1.
  • Cleaned up Global chat code, fixed various warnings/unnecessary casts
  • Fixed all Warnings in console. Over 58 of them.
  • Added fix for CUO web client login and account creations
  • More backend cleanup on old code
  • Deleted the mob that caused a crash
Additional Fixes 3/3/2023
  • Fixed Global Chat not showing text in Classic Assistants like Razor and UOSteam.
  • Fixed Enhanced Client not breaking PER line of text in the Global Chat window. This should not be VERY usable!(YAY EC LOVE!)
  • Fixed Champion Spawns having a weird spawn radius, will continue to adjust this to feel better and better!
    • We do have to go in manually and adjust these for the weird spawns, but we will do that right after restart.
    • Champs can be adjusted radius, spawn rate, etc on the fly without interrupting your spawn and during a spawn.
  • Mini Champs now spawn in a radius rather than in a clump all at once.
    • All Mini Champs timers are set to 35 minutes from spawn to respawn to make sure all bodies have decayed and the area is reset.
  • 105 Power scrolls and Alacrity Scrolls dropping normally again at Ice from wave mobs.
  • BRITCOIN now gives you one of 5 random messages 20% of the time you gain Britcoin for being online.(don't wanna spam ya)
    • You have a chance to receive an increased Britcoin % being out in the world being active, to not have FOMA for not blessed area sitting.
    • Blessed areas will still give you a boost in Britcoin compared to the lowest # if out and about on your character.
  • Bod Deed Box Fixes/Adjustments:
    • An exploit has been resolved, thanks for the report. This should also inadvertently fix the "already in use" message.
    • The Visual Appearance of these boxes has been changed. If yours doesn't adjust itself we will setup a 1 to 1 stone exchange in Magincia :)
    • Gump style changed to match new appearance.
  • Summons not properly counting follower count, resolved.
  • Reaper Redux health sig lowered. These were just a slog.
  • Resolved a crash with Tamed animals and Blackthorne
  • Skull of Power quest few updates for deployment.
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