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Patch Patch - 3/21/23 - Summoner, Hiding, Wikis Oh My.

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All changes will be here:

We had a huge breakthrough on this one. Summoner has been completely reworked in terms of how it interacts with the rest of the classes and mechanics. We reworked how Summons and Dispel works and how it is completely separated from the rest of the Meta builds going forward with any changes and adjustments! Now we can focus on ONE area if we need to make a change versus one change having unknown ripples to other builds. We will apply this so much more content in the future. It’s actually quite awesome and we’re excited for the possibilities of the layering we can do versus changing the core.

Just a reminder:
Summoner is still a work in progress as is most EVERYTHING in Emulation UO. This is an online service. Everything is subject to change. We said it when we released the class mechanics, it will endure tweaks. If ya want every first iteration to be perfect don't know an MMO where that exists. But you can be a part of the development especially when it helps immensely when ya report, constructively, things overpowered, or underpowered, or bugged. Just remember we all want to play a fun game at the end of the day. So let's work together and adopt the idea that positive change is important to the longevity of the server! We will always do what we believe is best for you all and try our best to respect your time invested. And we know that changes are often in direct conflict with that, but the overall health of the server is always the most important deciding factor. Thank you all for being awesome.

  • Fletching has been made a free-skill to help archers be more self sufficient as well as make it so crafters can have nearly all skills on a pure crafter character.
  • Updated the ClassicUO Version to on the UOAlive Launcher. Housing Tool works a lot better now, FrostMites still have no ride-able animation.
  • Hiding now allows you to hide at 6 tiles from the target if 120 in skill not including the target tile you are on and the enemy
  • Hiding also has a chance to fail at 100 now. This was not originally intended(a happy little mistake said Bob Ross) and the more we thought about it, it seemed like a great way to give the 105,110,115,and 120 scrolls worth/value and also make it so the free skill has to be worked for for that 100% guarantee of safety.
    • At 100 skill:
  • Chance of success: 83.33% Chance of failure: 16.67%
    • At 105 skill:
  • Chance of success: 87.50% Chance of failure: 12.50%
    • At 110 skill:
  • Chance of success: 91.67% Chance of failure: 8.33%
    • At 115 skill:
  • Chance of success: 95.83% Chance of failure: 4.17%
    • At 120 skill:
  • Chance of success: 100% Chance of failure: 0%
  • Hiding Power Scrolls will now drop from Champions as well as event power scrolls due to the hiding changes.

  • Archiving system tweaked
  • All Holy Grail and Skull of Power Quest items now have the proper colored titles.
    • They are now all artifacts so they can be dyed by Tokuno Dyes
  • Wildfire Ostard Eats meat and Blackrock Stew only Stew recharges
  • Clarified a few SoP quest textual clues.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with Allured Pets being Shrinkable. Thanks Darkendphoenix
  • Toxic Slith now poisons ya. Thanks Kabuto
  • Skull of Power bug resolved where very rare and specific circumstances could require you to lose progress on last step.
  • Fixed, maybe, the crash from the other day regarding the Huntsman Challenge
  • Fixed issue with players not having 7200 skill
Check Discord for Details:
  • We are setting up a "Trial Wiki". It with authenticate with Discord and will allow ALL UOAlive members to contribute. If this becomes something people like we will make it permanent. For now, we will give it a shot :) Details in the Wiki Discord Channel!
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