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Patch Patch 3/30/23 Elections Start at the first of the month!

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  • Smart Spawning activated for a lot of spawns that didn't need to be active 24 7
  • QoL: You can now use ANY skill by typing [SKILLNAME i.e. [animallore [lore [hiding some iterations of the word like [hide will not work as it is used for other commands.
  • A New NPC Quest giver located in Eodon to aquire tiger pelt armor recipes He will ask you to bring him 25 leather pieces and 5 tiger pelts. Depending on your tailoring skill(Skill required to craft tiger pelt armor) your chance of getting a recipe is increased. @Tomj killin it with this idea. (this will be added over the weekend)
  • Crates of goods can be found on the docks selling bulk items for great prices!
  • A ton of Backend stuff for Upcoming Events like Easter and the like.
  • Elections for Governor in ALL towns are now set to every month ALL the time for the City Loyalty. Join time per city is down from 7 days to 5 days.
  • Added Dark Wisps to the Wisp Dungeon as intended.
    • There are conflicting reports of what Dark Wisps should be and what mechanics they have in UOguide, as well as what they drop and do not drop: so we found a middle ground for them.
      • They will now have a chance to drop T Maps
      • They will now have a chance to drop Paragon Chests even without being a Paragon
  • Britain got a few more summoning circles to avoid the "didn't read the don't macro here" issue.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Serpent Arrow to function in a range that wasn't 2 tiles. Now 10.
    • Serepent Arrow is buffed significantly with up to Lethal Poison depending on skills in Archery and Poisoning.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash.. as you all know. We are not gonna get into details as it could be exploitative without further testing.
  • Fixed another crash bug with Eodon Tribsman.. we think... this one has been tricky.
  • Fixed a bug with Death Ray taking into consideration SDI. We adjusted the formula to match some of the top damage ticks we found on UOGuide and the OSI forums and tried different scenarios including Conductive Blast, Discordance, and Slayer books. All is looking like great damage still.
    • To help make the spell a bit more fun and some QoL we removed the dmg interruption of the spell so it feels like a true "Mastery" skill.
    • Initial Spell cost 35 from 50.
  • Fixed the types of animals in the Moonglow Zoo.
Missing Patch notes April 1 2023:
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