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Patch Patch 5/11/23 Small Patch & Backend stuff... oh and runic reforging works... oh and so does Despair elemental damage mastery...

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  • Runic Reforging now works closer to OSI (thank you @fspy for some amazing help with this one) Overall this makes runic reforging a lot less painful! Get ready for more precise and powerful reforging!
    • When you select two affixes for your reforging, you can now rest assured that your modifiers will be selected from the combined properties of both, giving you a more targeted and powerful set of upgrades. Say goodbye to the frustration of getting modifiers that don't quite fit and hello to gear that's tailor-made for your needs. Get out there and start crafting!
    • The Runic Amounts of mods have been adjusted to match OSI compared to ServUO for Tailoring (Spined, Horned, Barbed), Blacksmithing (Dull Copper, Shadow, Copper, Bronze, Golden, Agapite, Verite, Valorite), and Carpentry/Bowcrafting (Oak, Ash, Yew, Heartwood). This will make your reforging experiences SO MUCH nicer.
  • Added damage types to the book of masteries when discordance mastery is enabled (thank you @shroeder for an amazing fix and @jc473 for the report )
    • On tick of despair, use selected damage type as the source of damage
  • Updated some backend performance stufffsss
  • We have added a metallic dye tub for furniture to the Stones in Magincia, cause @yellow is not enough color!
  • Newsletter URL update
  • Charlie now requires 120 animal taming ( he stronk boi, need stronk skill!)
  • Tainted Wool (ya know the wool you get from sheering a sheep you MURDERED...) is now labeled as such.
  • Polymorph Totems will retain Body Hue so you can be a @blue orc like you always wanted you LOTR nerd! Shut up tr1age, you are calling yourself out for knowing that!

  • 200 Page Gargoyle Book Crash resolved. Reduced to 100 pages. But now you can pretend you are Ash from Army of Darkness!
  • Galleons Permanent Paint is now.. well.. permanent..
  • Small bug fix with the Magical Carrot that caused a ghost entry.
  • Fixed the name of who finished the SoP quest to reflect the proper character.
  • Discord rules have been updated to include verbiage for Cyber Bullying. We will never condone this kind of behavior be it on this server or elsewhere, we continue to maintain our commitment to a safe space environment no matter the cost.
  • The Safe Space guidelines have also added more information on Cyber Bullying as well, remember everyone this is a game, please the play the game, not each other. There are human beings on the other end of those pixels. Your words have consequences on others mental health, well being, and safety.
  • Addition for clarity on the Server Rules subsection "Server":
    To ensure transparency, we want to clarify the server rules regarding player removal. If we detect any issue that violates our rules, we will speak with the player first before taking any action. Unless a violation is illegal, breaks our internal NDA or Policy(which fall under common business practices), intentional acts of malice toward the server, or violates our safe space rules with the intention of harming others, no player will be removed from the server without prior warning. We understand that misunderstandings can happen, so we want to emphasize that players are always given a chance to tell their side of the story, an internal discussion is then had, and if and only if a major infraction has occurred will action be taken.
    Playing the game positively and being a good influence will never result in removal. Every decision to remove a player is based on our transparent and concise rules, which are there to avoid ever having to remove anyone, when possible.
May I get a quick clarification on the Charlie changes please so I don't lose him when I dismount after the patch.
I am reading this as 120 taming will be required to tame him.
Will I need 120 taming to control him?
Maybe it's all related but I don't know how it works... thank you!
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