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Patch Patch - 5/17/2023 - QoL, Gumps, Teamwork, Crafting, and MORE!!!

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  • This one is exciting. The entire Animal Lore and Training gumps have been overhauled to meet the 20th century! Thank you so much to the newest member of our team @mukkel for the amazing addition.
    Not only that, but it works in EVERY client, enhanced, normal, and classic UO, and it is localized!!! Above and beyond.
    Screenshot 2023-05-15 202755.png
  • The powerscrolls used will no longer show as it was erroneus info since you can see which skills have 105/110/115/120 to save space.

In general we are trying to add more QoL for crafters. With our Runic Reforging adjustments last week this this week, speaking of....
  • Runic Reforging Low end and High end have been adjusted to be more in line with OSI, giving yet another buff overall to reforging!
  • Whip Recipes can now be gotten from Tinker BOD Rewards. These include:
    • Spiked Whip Recipe
    • Bladed Whip Recipe
    • Barbed Whip Recipe
  • Crafting in the Blessed Britain Forge area in trammel will now have a chance to reduce materials used by 25%! This should hopefully encourage crafters to hangout together a bit more, while rewarding you!
  • You can now say "Release" / "Lockdown / "Secure" in a house to effect items versus the very long "I wish to XXXX this"
    Screenshot 2023-05-15 204241.png
  • Ice Wyrms in the dungeon now labeled as quest mobs so you know why there is no loot:

  • Charlie will now be max 700 str and not overcapped to give it a complimentary appeal with Toothless versus being "better". This IS retroactive. All existing Charlies will be set to max 700. This was becoming clear that due to the ride-ability of Charlie it was no longer a parallel progression of choice from Toothless but a better alternative if Min maxing.
    Now there are reasons for and against it.
    • With these changes we have brought taming required to 115.
  • In that same vein, Toothless requires 115 Taming from now on, not retroactive. This really gives you a decision to make when going for either or of these creatures.
    • Toothless is also on a RANDOM spawner and can take quite a bit to spawn whereas Charlie is a guarantied spawn.
  • Removing CuB points will now take a 50% cut from the player. So if you want to remove them to sell them you will really wanna make sure that is the right choice.
  • Updated some backend without losing tooltips this time (whoops)
  • Fix a null crash issue with runic reforging stuufffss
  • Fix Runic Frostwood and and Bloodwood Attributes. Thanks @Hammerhand
  • An exploit with the Clean up Britannia Exchange has been addressed.
    • There is now a CAP to how much CUB you can have, 1million points. This will apply to everyone, and is retroactive due to the bug fix that was exploited below to keep the CUB economy intact.
Postponed due to a couple errors in the enhanced client and classic:

Vendor Search now has a tab for items crafted by players! This was an amazing suggestion by @jc473 and hopefully will help the crafter make more impact on the economy!
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