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Patch Patch 5/4/2023 - Pure Bard, Elvish Gear Limits, Bags for all! Etc.

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  • Removed all restrictions for humans to wear Elvish items.
  • The PURE Bard adjustment(a great suggestion from @jc473 allowed us to give you all a better support role:
    Mastery Switching is now reduced to 3 minutes for Bards. This means if you have the following skills: Musicianship, Discordance, Peacemaking, and Provocation.

    Without the skills above

    With the skills above
    • We are going to start with a small change and then take feedback to see if we should reduce it more.
    • Oh yeah added a timer for knowing when you can switch masteries now :)
  • You can now craft bags as a tailor in any color cloth you wish! You cannot mark them. @Hammerhand
  • Some backend added for a major patch we have planned. Will share more as we get closer. But it will make being the adjusted PURE BARD more rewarding. That is for sure!
  • Removed Shadowjumps restriction in housing regions since we are not a PvP server.
  • Completely remove the vendor search opt out button.
  • Completely revamped the final boss in the Luna Dreams Monthly Invasion! Good luck.....
  • Fix Spellbook hitpoints Deserialization
  • Enhanced Client Support for Training Gumps Taming
  • Empty Large Tailor Bods.
  • We have done some major overhauling of the UOAlive website and forums. This should help people to find new things as well as access and contribute better.
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Wow I thought this was a small patch!

Pretty cool stuff in there! My elvish artis stuffed into random armoires might actually see some use!
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