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Patch Patch Notes 1/12/2023 - MURDER BEARS

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First patch notes of the new year! Nice!

So why not start out with a bang!

New tame-able!
Thanks the wonderful suggestions from @SnowWolf we have added different types of very powerful Polar, Grizzly, Black, and MURDER Bears!

These bears will all have special abilities and get more and more as you get up to the MURDER BEAR!

They are also Ride-able!

Some of their abilities will be:

  • Rage
  • Bleed Attack
  • Crushing Blow

And so much more! Find your Murder bear today! I hear they like caves...


  • Added a new New Player Dungeon(we really want to hammer home the new player experience and make it as educational and accessible as possible!), this will be an ongoing creation after the patch. No more "mines" as a dungeon. This will have wings, progression, and a much more distinct feel to get players used to what they are going to go up against! Level 1 is complete and in game, we will also adjust it based on what we see and then after observing for a bit, open up level 2! All feedback is welcome!

  • Added more helpful NPCs to roam New Haven that give actual useful information.(Again trying to make that "New Player" experience more immersive, less Google) Scotty finally says helpful shit!
  • 1673455578876.png
  • Added NPCs around the world to give it more of the "living breathing world" feel that we always intended but got a little distracted on. Some will even react differently depending on your Karma and other factors. More to come, but good start here.
  • 1673455776674.png
  • Added some backend quest items for a new world event coming soon!
  • Website updates to show more of our features and emphasis of PvE not PvP.
  • 1673394258568.png
  • Added a ton of blessing items for decorating the world and player towns better in the future while not using up resources.
  • Added some of the Patreon Tiers to Discord to make it more accessible:
  • 1673392471557.png
Bug Fixes:
  • Cove invasions night and day now drop event tokens and not Kudos.
  • Aura of Nausea added to Ferrets
  • Exodus Minions added to Garg Camp
  • Vendors no longer drop gold or items to the ground. And if they do YOU WILL KNOW! (ELEOS)
    • When buying items, if you can't hold them in your backpack, it tries to send them to the bank. If there's no space in the bank, it sends them to your feet and uses RED font to tell you about it, plus the item by your feet shows a message. (Don't want them to miss it!)
    • When selling items, the funds get deposited straight to the bank. They see a message that the gold was deposited to their account.
  • Added more hues to Cusidhe and adjusted their spawn rates to spawn colored more, while maintaining the balance of rarities.
  • 1673455381300.png
    Left two are less rare, right two are more.
  • Zento Marketplace Redesign
  • All Naja Spawns have been adjusted to be a lot more attainable with smaller groups. They also will all spawn 2 NAJA at the end of the waves! Good luck!
  • Here is a hint to Naja Spawn Tokuno location!
  • 1673456125660.png
Things that may never happen but we are looking into:
  • farming/cooking/gardening additions :)
  • image.png
  • Bard Additions that are way closer than you think! :)
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