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Patch Patch Notes 11/22/2022 Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving Patch


From last year a big group of the server gathered to take a group photo. That is the true meaning of this holiday and this server!


The Turkduken Event in T2A will continue until the end of November.
The Turkey Quest from Zento to kill tiny turkeys in Skara will remain active until the end of November.

And the final bit... In the true spirit of Thanksgiving on UOAlive, through thick and thin, we are re-activating the Season of the Witch event back in, Tomorrow the 23rd, albeit at a different capacity than before. (we couldn't leave ya at your families without the ability to slaughter witches!) Read on...

We will be finishing this story line. It will NOT happen before thanksgiving, it will continue into the month of December, perhaps even longer, after all this is UO and Witches and Witch hunters are always on the menu, giving it more time to breath.

A forum topic will be created to update the story line so far and a refreshed discord channel added back: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/season-of-the-witch.1172/

- Added Event Tokens instead of "artifacts" to "bosses for Season of the Witch", anyone who gains looting rights will have them appear in their pack. 100% chance. There are a few "artifacts" still as well. So good luck!
- Witch Bosses and Witch Hunter Bosses will ANNOUNCE when they are up!
- Trolls HP has been reduced a slight amount.
- You MUST kill all invaders of the town be it Witches(includes trolls) or Hunters(includes Turkeys) in order to get the Witch and Hunter bosses to spawn, working together benefits everyone.
- We will be adding the Season of the Witch stone shortly to the Maginicia market so you know what you are working toward.(this will maybe happen before Thanksgiving, more likely after)
- Training for glimmers has been fixed


- All helms have been fixed with removing antique with special stone item

Bug Fix:

- Trap Kits will no longer crash the server - Eleos

- Event tokens are no longer blessed to allow for us to give them out during events easier, be careful!

- House prices, have been, in need of adjustments. Housing is "end game" for a sandbox. The largest of largest plots we offer are far larger than OSI. So to achieve this type of home, we have decided to raise the prices across the board for the 30 by 30 and 23 x 23 significantly... BUT WAIT NO WAIT WHY WHAT? Hold on, hear us out... we want this to be something that is worked hard for and not just placed to reserve space. We want all houses on UOAlive to feel earned. We want people to show off their cribs. We want them to mean something, not just a show of "dominance" of space.

With these changes the houses that are the largest should have a bigger impact on that and allow you to really feel accomplished in acquiring one! Think Naja Spawns.

All people who bought at the old price are grandfathered in. But any newly placed houses will cost more and this is a good thing! That means the prices of prebuilt 30 by 30 and 23 by 23, castles and keeps, have also been adjusted accordingly.
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