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Patch Patch Notes - 12/15/22 - Kudos to Britcoin Exchange is up.

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A general note, out last Christmas Patch had a TON of QoL additions and things that were missed with the hype of the holiday events. Please make sure to check that out again here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/patch-notes-12-1-2022-must-patch-your-client.1177/ For instance the points needed for Town Loyalty/Affiliation and such is so much more attainable! This is a REALLY fun aspect of Modern UO.

  • There will now be a Britcoin Exchange Stone and Kudos will be phased out completely at a code level. Please make sure to turn those in in Magincia!
  • TiiWnNK.png
  • (some of these are just notes taken from discords random patch notes to be compiled into one place)
  • Discord: We changed the server settings so you do not get alerts for every message but only announcements and tags to you. This should help you all with spam and dings you do not need as we know you all are part of multiple discord communities and we want ours to not be invasive on your everyday :) but also so you don't miss the important stuff :)
  • Wandering healers have been added to every Champion Spawn location in the world, some are a bit further out than others depending on spawn.
  • Santa's Workshop and Docks have been flown in (past note added to the forums) look out for thieves and scrooges though!
  • More items added to the 24 Hour Christmas Tree. Images of items found in discord.

  • (some of these are just notes taken from discords random patch notes to be compiled into one place)
  • Kudos are now called BRITCOIN(BTC)
  • Community Book Prices have been lowered from the Library Quests
  • Legendary Cusidhe spawn rate adjusted with the overall spawn rate of all colors adjusted.
  • Increased spawn amount of Cusidhe's
  • Added new spawn locations of Cusidhe's (think an orc rideable in lore) as well to find their locations.
  • Artisan festival turn in requirements have been reduced by over 80%(this is big). This is a FUN event, it should not be some insane number.

Bug Fixes
  • (some of these are just notes taken from discords random patch notes to be compiled into one place)
  • Certain special animals REALLY won't become paragons if not supposed to.
  • Legendary Cusidhe are an animal and trainable.. heheheh.
  • Legendaries will not spawn as paragon no matter what.
  • Toothless, Tarantula, Rideable Polar bear, Basilisk will no longer spawn as Paragons.
  • Foil is now consumed in making chocolatier nutcrackers
  • Orb can be worn by Gargoyles
  • Barded Mustangs will retain the color of their barding
  • Couple fixes with drops for christmas from presents. Backend stuff really.
  • Dull Copper Ore Elementals will drop 25 ore now instead of 2.
  • Grim Reaper's Scythe finallllly fixed
  • Shochu fixed

  • DESPISE and The Grove (by the Cusidhe's main spawn) are the only champs that run 24/7 other will need to be activated. This is unique to UOAlive.
  • You MUST click your Vendor to refresh it within 60 days as was laid out in the patch notes prior and is in the QoL features.
  • You MUST double click your house sign or open a door to refresh a house within 90 days for it to not fall. (exceptions can be made for Active Military or those who have had a loss or mitigating circumstances in RL preventing them from logging in)
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