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Patch Patch Notes - 2/9/2024 NPC Upgrades, Bug Fixes, QoL Improvements


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NPC (New Player Companion) Experience Upgrade:
  • NPC's can now become New Player Companions on their player accounts, enhancing the in-game interaction and assistance for new young players.
  • A special "NPC" tag, token, and robe have been introduced for players taking on the role of New Player Companions. This will let you know when a player is actively "On Duty" as a "New Player Companion".
  • New Player Companions can toggle their NPC status only within towns/their homes, to prevent any unfair dungeon "teleporting".
  • While "On Duty," New Player Companions have the ability to teleport to and assist New "Young Status" Players.
  • The primary role of New Player Companions is to offer guidance, support, and distribute new player tokens to enhance the overall player experience.
  • It's important to note that New Player Companions receive no special treatment, items, or abilities for personal gain. Their role is solely focused on helping new players as always.
Guidelines for New Player Companions:
  • New Player Companions are restricted to toggling their NPC status only within towns.
  • While "On Duty," they can teleport to and assist only new "young status" players and distribute new player tokens.
  • New Player Companions must strictly adhere to the policy of not providing any special treatment, items, or benefits to themselves.
  • An NPC can give items to players from their personal "stash", nothing is provided by staff.
  • All interactions and activities conducted by New Player Companions, including token distribution and teleportation, are logged and recorded.
  • New Player Companions are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to safeguard the privacy of players and maintain the integrity of the UOAlive experience.
  • This addition aims to expand the NPC program, fostering an even more supportive community where experienced players can actively engage with and assist new players on their journey, creating a more vibrant and welcoming environment within UOAlive.
  • You can use the command [GuildLootOff to disallow looting while in a guild of your corpse and [GuildLootOn to toggle it back on if you need help with a corpse run.
  • fix: Necromancy Poison Strike not applying poison status, now also scales with 120 skill!
    60 - 3%
    70 - 4.5%
    80 - 6%
    90 - 7.5%
    100 - 9%
    110 - 10.5%
    120 - 12%
  • Fixed midnight Braces (cursed) not working for Cuffs of the Archmage
  • Primevil Lich will now properly drop the Royal Guard Investigators Cloak as intended
  • Possible fix to the Shady Slim's Trades for the Smuggler title when he gets 50 total trades.
  • Removed healing skill from new Grizz and Black Bears since it is never able to be raised (as intended)
  • Runic Atlas no longer uses a rune to prevent taking marked runes
  • Small Bod Exceptional check now working as intended.
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