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Patch Patch Notes 5/12/2022

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THURSDAY MAINTENANCE / PATCHES are being MOVED to Mondays to accommodate the staff better. This will be the last Thursday downtime for awhile. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Naming conventions for creatures in the world with "titles" have been updated:
    • Unique - A non-tamable custom creature in the world. (we may not keep this if it is immersion breaking, but for now it is there on some new creatures.)
    • Exquisite - A tame-able different hue of a normal creature (collect them all)
    • Exotic - A tame-able powerful beast that is usually a similar "reskin" with some differentiating stats than other similar beasts. Can come in multiple colors.
    • Rare - A tame-able very different version of an existing creature with different stats, tame-slots, and other statistics etc.
    • Legendary - A tame-able very very rare creature, with a one of a kind hue and stats.
  • The UOStore has been updated with new items and new items on the front page.
  • Runebooks will now show their "Book Name" in teal. If yours does not show up that way, just open it, rename it, and it will take.
  • 1652392640749.png
  • Mustangs have been completely overhauled to be more in line with Swamp Dragons. They will have slightly different stats to make them unique, but they are no longer train-able to be tanks. (they can be located in T2A spread around wild as birds! (if you had a bonded one, we will check the logs, you can open a ticket for a replacement until Saturday 5/14/22 12AM)
Bug Fixes:
  • Camps may or may not work... still. This is @GameOva 's nightmare.
  • Tons of mob / monster adjustments to match OSI better.
  • Removed "thank you for voting from the discord stone" after clicking it.
  • Pet loyalty levels should drop slower now.
  • Removing the "Discord Stones" and replacing them with the Discord Books to easier distinguish them from Item Stones.
  • 1652392710325.png
  • Added Bonus Kudos for the Blessed Rune Library and Blessed Rune Library Docks
  • Khaldun champ will now give points toward total rewards if we decide to run it here and there when it is not October. It will NOT drop 120 scrolls if it is not Octobers event.
  • Mustang hue has been changed to be more pleasant.
  • Runebook weight has been removed.
  • Tons of work on the Melee changes
  • Added a lot of new items for gold stone, events, and drops.
  • 16th Anniversary Pony has been added to the game. We are still deciding when and how to give this out.
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