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Patch Patch Notes 5/23/2022

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  • Added a gorilla costume by popular demand. Will be on event token.
  • Added new items for testing detailed below in the On the Horizon section.
  • Quiver of Infinity can be modified now for gargoyles
  • Can imbue Mapmakers Glasses now
Bug Fixes:
  • Possible fix to the Trade bug in UOsteam and Razor (or at least a reduction of how often it happens, please report below if it is less, may take a few attempts)
  • Critical bug fix for Scroll Books (thank you Shaydo for pointing this out to us!) Remember when you report critical bugs instead of abuse them you are rewarded!
  • 1653328050311.png
  • Leather Wolves have been fixed!
  • Pet trainer gump when will show the correct description text with poison and energy now.
  • Tinkering Bods: can now complete and create colored ore orders.
  • Primeval Lich Adjustment to Puzzle
  • Adjusted the Colossus to each have a weakness depending on their ore type.
  • Craftsman Satchel adjustment to give you better loot more often!
On the Horizon:

As you all know we are working on some melee and archery mechanics to the UOAlive server to help breakup the Tamer/Sampire meta. It is going to take time, some stuff will make it in, others will not, some may make it in and then be removed, but to avoid the latter, we are asking those who are VERY skilled in melee builds/sampire builds to do localized tests for us of items and equipment we are building out. This is not to keep, but since running a test server and getting people to login to said test server is crazy, we are allowing trusted members of UOAlive (you are all awesome btw) to help us iron out the bugs prior to a full scale release.

This means you may see some people running around with items you do not recognize.
  • They are not GM's.
  • They do NOT have special privileges.
  • They are just testers of say " a new car that has all it's brandings removed like in Real Life for a test ride and giving valuable feedback.
We will be starting with the New Player Companions as our testers and then moving out to the general population. Once we believe there is enough testing and the like we will release it to the entire server in the form of a milestone update. Here is an example of the possible posters for those updates:


Remember all "future" items like this MAY NEVER ACTUALLY MAKE IT INTO LIVE. It is important that the game mechanics do not get unbalanced. But we are confident we can make QoL improvements to those builds that OSI didn't give love to, without hurting the base gameplay. So for our first test, you may see some Consecrated Armor in the wild as we test the new Holy Knight Build.

We hope you are as excited as we are to really get the community involved in our future updates as well as bringing you some very unique and server specific items that may deviate from OSI a bit, but still hold the Ultima Online values in-tact. Don't worry we are not going to be going overboard. We just want to give people more freedom to choose their own adventure as Ultima Online was intended to let you do! This only scratches the surface of this update, but we want to make sure you are all getting the content you deserve in a timely manner while also not overwhelming you with new stuff. So we will be doing milestones versus "full on expansions" like some servers do. We are going with the "live service" approach but without charging you a monthly :)
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