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Patch Patch Notes 6/21/2024 - House Customization / Co-Owner Changes and a few little things.


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Housing Changes

  • Fixed a rare issue caused by fat-fingered admins and house sign posts disappearing. They will now magically re-appear by changing the type of post in the housing menu!
  • House Customization Access Change:
    • Owners can always access the customization options, regardless of whether the house is public or private.
    • Co-owners can access the customization options if the house is private.
    • The person who commits the build, foots the bill.
    • The person who commits the design pays: you can save the build and let the owner load/commit it, to pay.
    • This update allows house owners to contract others to design their home by making them co-owners. If the house is set to private, co-owners can access the customization options, enabling them to assist with home design. This could also be great for guilds that want to split building costs!
  • House owners will now have a new context menu for Vendors "Relocate". Using this button will move the vendor to the player's location. There is a 1-minute cooldown timer per vendor for this operation.
    • Owners can move any vendor.
    • Co-Owners can move only their vendors.
    • Friends can move only their vendors.
  • Added a Horse Creator for the one and ONLY Chastity! We wanted to award them with something to make their life a little easier to make the community and new player lives a little better. These horses provide new players with a warm welcome and a sense of joy without bypassing the entire game with handouts (a tactic many try as a way to "welcome" new players but often ends up overwhelming or ruining some of the beginning magic for them with endless items). They are an embodiment of acts of kindness, how one person can have a huge impact on the community, goodwill, and a prime example of how to lead a "horse to water"—all puns intended.

  • Fixed a bug with the Green House Barrel.
  • Fulfillment sniping protection has been added by preventing listing higher within a 5% margin of the highest order currently on the market.
    • If you enter nothing into the "Uses" field, it will now default to Unlimited for those with endless pockets.
  • Choose to light your fire for cooking/ambiance or Logout via the new menu when double-clicking your Surveyor John's Campfire.
    • Reduced cooldown on the Firepit to 5 minutes at Surveyor John's Campsite.
  • Updated the Safe Space / Zero Tolerance policies to be CRYSTAL clear on EVERYTHING we stand for.
  • Bump Astral spawn rates to be more frequent. Statistics say this will feel better 🙂.
  • Lowered cost of Chaos and Order Flare on Discord Shop to the lowest possible allowed by Discord
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Nice! I love designing the most especially when I don't have to spend my own money. In fact, using someone else's money feels even better, haha (just kidding).
Congrats to Chastity!
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