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Patch Patch Notes - 6/7/2024 Fulfillment Order Board And MOAR


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Fulfillment Order System

We have added the Fulfillment Order System, a new feature inspired by an excellent suggestion from MacRoth. This new feature allows players to easily place and fulfill bulk order requests, offering significant benefits to new players, seasoned veterans, and crafters alike. Here’s how it works:
Screenshot 2024-06-07 110531.png

Placing Orders: Players can make orders for resources via the Fulfillment Board. Any item that can be placed into a commodity deed can be requested.
Screenshot 2024-06-07 112648.png

Fulfilling Orders: Any player can fulfill an order. Once fulfilled, the requested item will be deposited into the requester's bank, and the gold will be deposited into the fulfiller's bank. A Banker has been added to this location to assist.
Screenshot 2024-06-07 111601.png

Order Duration: Items requested will remain listed for 7 days. If a listing is not fulfilled within this period, the gold will be returned to the requester's bank.

Order History: This feature will show who fulfilled the order, who requested it, the amount requested, and the amount paid. This transparency allows players to see the best prices they can get and identify reliable requesters and fulfillers.
Screenshot 2024-06-07 142202.png

Convenience Fee/Cancellation Fee: Listing a Fulfillment request will incur a 5.25% convenience fee. This fee is deducted from the bounty offered and is non-refundable. If you cancel your listing before the 7-day period expires, a 5.25% fee of the bounty offered will be charged. This is to ensure fair bounties.

This system offers a unique way for players to acquire resources, benefiting both new and seasoned players. New players, just starting out, can earn money by fulfilling orders placed by others, offering an alternative to farming dungeons and helping them get on their feet. Experienced players can efficiently obtain resources and support the in-game economy. Additionally, crafters, cooks, and other specialists have a convenient method to request and receive goods for their craft!

  • Adjust it so Summoned and Allured Creatures do not cause stamina loss to owner.
  • Add Instrument Case Reduces weight of all instruments by 50%
    Screenshot 2024-06-05 173735.png
  • Event Moongate now spawns by the gates on top of the New Haven Bank and to the South East by the Park benches.
    Screenshot 2024-06-05 202309.png
    Screenshot 2024-06-07 121118.png

    • Adjusted the Event Moongate color to be less "weird" and more "magical" and align with UOAlive's Purple/Teal color theme.
  • Re-Organized gates and items on top of the New Haven Bank to make room for the FulFillment Order Board down by the CUB Turn in area.
    Screenshot 2024-06-05 202703.png
  • Fixed an issue with the Enhanced client not seeing text in the Magincia Stones.
  • Fixed an issue with Gargoyles not being able to wear the tabard when transmogged.
  • Added Additional Stalks of Corn that can be Harvested in the Britain Farms fel and tram
  • Added Corn to the Farming Vendors.
  • Oven Added to New Haven Bakery
    Screenshot 2024-06-07 162218.png
  • Reduced the cost of every single custom Dye Tub (items, armors, weapons, and backpacks) sold by the Dye Tub vendor in Magincia.
  • Reduced the costs of all unlimited charge dye tubs, standardizing their prices across the board.
    • This adjustment aligns with our hue transmogging tool, making customizations more accessible to everyone. At the same time, it helps maintain economic stability by continuing to remove gold from circulation.
  • Revised the costs for Ethereal Mounts reducing most of them to provide more options for players. No Ethereal Mount will cost more than 1000 Sovereigns with the new pricing scheme:
    • Common: 200 Sovereigns
    • Uncommon: 250 Sovereigns
    • Rare: 500 Sovereigns
    • Epic: 750 Sovereigns
    • Legendary: 1000 Sovereigns
  • Can link Endless Decanter with Water Basin
    Screenshot 2024-06-07 164224.png
  • Fixed fish pie being able to stack buffs.
  • Fixed Astral Stats being off after one spawned.
  • Fixed the Astral Ostard mount ID
  • Added the name of the currency being used to the Magincia Stones, there was a bit of confusion with only an image.
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Could we make these boards craftable or a bod reward (carpenter) so we can do this with a crafter from our house?
Could we make these boards craftable or a bod reward (carpenter) so we can do this with a crafter from our house?
We like some things to make you have to go hang around with other people :) This being one of them. A central area for the trades. We may expand it later on but not at this time.