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Patch Patch Notes 7/21/22

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  • Rewards added to the vet menu:
    • Enchanted Granite Cart
    • Yew Tree Statuette
    • Gargish Totem of Essence
    • Glass Kiln
    • Enchanted Sculpting Tool
  • An epic Event is coming in August(all the backend has been added) but I cannot tell you about it! Help! Help! I am being repressed!
  • A second hint has been given for where the Tokuno Naja spawn 1st being: "We don't want to RUIN it..." 2nd being "It is lonely out here".
  • More Bane stuff being added.
Bug Fixes
  • Ship Strongbox now drops copper and gold rare ingot deco
  • Critical Crash error resolved with... you guessed it.. seedbox.
  • Bunch of fixes to creatures dropping the right seeds.
  • Sugar Cane and Cocoa Tree should produce seeds now.
  • Random Bug fixes
  • [MyStats should now be the right numbers with the new healing changes. Or at least close enough ahha.
  • Legendary Mapmakers glasses fixed
  • Book of dead adjusted to only work with 100+ skill and the higher your skill the better the undead spawn!
  • All Naja Spawns: Monsters in and around these spawners in Eodon now have longer respawn timers on the random DINO around the spawners. They were WAY too fast. This should help tamers quite a bit.
  • A backend tool to make the hues of the month more fun!
  • Visual overhaul to Davie Jones Locker by Hammerhead and the community!
Not open for further replies.