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Patch Patch Notes: 7/28/22


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  • Clean up Britannia points can now be EXCHANGED at the stones. This means you can trade it as currency. Thanks to @Tomj for this one.
  • OLD GUMP 1658592971070.png VS New: 1658593013642.png
  • Final Implementation of a new quest coming to UOAlive on August 1st, stay tuned for the announcement and more info, you dirty kanigits!
  • Server side updates and patches.
  • Behind the scenes bug fixes to hopefully make the game run just a little smoother and with less latency
Bug Fixes
  • Rampage skill fix.
  • Quite possibly camps have been fixed for the 90th time by @GameOva this may be his seedbox lol.
  • Mark no longer requires MAGERY to cast it. This SHOULD include using a mark scroll. That means you WILL need the Reagents (bloodmoss, blackpearl, and mandrakeroot) to cast it, a spellbook or scroll, as well as the proper INT, but the spell itself will be a 0 skill spell so everyone has access to it. We see only benefits from this change and we are not going to overthink it :) In-depth discussion here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/mark-for-melee-your-thoughts-needed.1017/