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Patch Patch Notes: 8/04/22

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  • Large Display Cases added to gold stones
  • Added Ethy Mounts Eowmu and Windrunner to Ethy Mount Stone
  • New Player Ticket/Initiation Armor Added to the new player experience.(It is a npc that will take the new player ticket and you get the initiation armor set, for new players basically. Just a tiny QoL) More info here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/new-player-quest-initiation-armor-sets.1037/
  • Magical Stones have been moved and updated, you can get there via the Moongate's "Special Locations". The Gold stone is now categorized and new items added. Event token stone will be next.
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  • Added the Villainous(https://www.uoguide.com/Villainous_Epiphany_Armor_Set) and Virtuous(https://www.uoguide.com/Virtuous_Epiphany_Armor_Set_(Gargish)) armor sets to Charybdis loot table.
Bug Fixes
  • Masonry fix for Granite needed on a bunch of items to match OSI
  • Gargish Beds now take 50 granite and Cots 25
  • Fix the double entry on the Bod Deed Box
  • Buying Up Skills at NPCs has been re-enabled to work with the Free Skills and not be an abuse-able bug. This is one of the most popular additions to UOAlive so in order to get it to work in an emulator that doesn't want to support it due to client side caps, these are the caveats:
    • If you are over the cap including free skills, it will lower any skills you have turned down.
    • If you are under the cap, it will let you train up to the skill cap of 700(720)
    • If you are at the skill cap, it will tell you such and tell you you need to turn a skill down to lower in order to train another skill.
    • This includes looking at free skills, so if you have lets say 900 skill points including free skills, then you can't train a new skill until you are under the skill cap of 700. This is FINE. Any player that has this issue can use Soul Stones or skill jewelry. Free skills can raise from zero without training from a vendor.
  • Quiver of Infinity for Gargoyles
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