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Patch Patch Notes - 9/29/2022

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  • Hunts master challenge updated to include Kraken, PlatinumDrake, GiantToad, Gorilla. (thanks hammerhead)
  • Added extra pumpkin carvings for halloween events list of those events can be found here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/halloween-on-uoalive.518/ Event goes live October 1st!
  • The Black Gate Quest from OSI is now up and running on UOAlive! Enjoy!
Bug Fixes
  • Soul Catcher typo fix.
  • Hoping Oracle of the Sea fix no negative numbers.
  • Imbuing bug fixed
  • Scribers Tomb fix. (any previous scrolls removed from Tome must be recycled back through the tome to work for BODs.)
  • Other misc bug fixes
  • Auctions
    For Auction Item player will receive auction gump for bid.
    For bids players will receive player vendor map if they need to meet the vendor.
    For purchases with total price - player will receive auction item in pack immediately.
    Highest bid player can claim reward by new click from vendor search menu, or just by teleport by auction map and receive item by double click on safebox.
  • Mr White will no longer speak of his long lost friend who is dead, because he murdered him.
  • Excalibur can be repaired.
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