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Patch Patch Notes - Valentines Day Updates and Much More! - UPDATE YOUR CLIENT!

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Valentine's Month has Arrived:
Click the poster for the full GLORIOUSLY PINK DETAILS ON THE EVENT!

Art by @yellow utilizing AI. Exclusive Package by Mr. Riots

IMPORTANT: Please UPDATE your client to the latest version of UO. The next patch will use the latest version:


Here is how you update ClassicUO's client version manually and automatically:

  • We have added a new command so you can change your password in game: type [password This will allow you change a password without admin support if you have one over 12 characters and are having trouble getting into a different launcher like Classic UO Launcher. They limit their login to 12 characters or less.
  • Changed the way client kicking works for older clients: You will now get a visible and repeating client warning and gump popups on intervals to remind you to update the game version. You will not be able to see any items until you update your client still, but it will not stop you from logging in, to avoid confusion for newer players. We hope this will help players on web and other clients that may not update immediately to continue enjoying playing and updating at their pace. Just remember if you see a "NO DRAW" item dropping from a new boss it means you are prolly out of date :)
  • The Florist outside of New Haven has so much more to offer this month!
  • Added Ride-able Frostmites to the game. You will have to find them amongst the non ride-ables. These will be labeled as Exotic as they are a new version of the Frostmite and on their own spawn.
  • Added Ethereal Frostmite to the Gold Stone.
  • Added some beautification to the New Haven Square:

  • Event Token Stone -
    We are excited to announce a simplification of the Event Token Stone in-game. (part of our 2023 initiative to streamline and modernize older systems) Going forward, the Event Token Stone will only feature Random Powerscrolls and the 120 Choice Powerscroll. Other items have been relocated to the Clean Up Britannia (CUB) rewards program, the UOStore, and the Gold/Sovereign vendors.

    However, we understand that some players may have been saving up their Event Tokens for other items, so we would like to offer a smooth transition period. For the next two weeks, you will still have the opportunity to purchase items that have been relocated to other locations such as Clean Up Britannia (CUB) rewards, the UO Store, and the Gold/Sovereign vendors. To assist during this transition, we are happy to offer a 20% discount on these items for a limited time.

    In the long run, this transition is being made to make these other items more accessible to all and in line with current acquisition for similar items in game!
  • Conjurer's Grimoire, Garb, and Trinket have been added to the CUB points system. We will be utilizing this system to add more items in the future as well. It is a fantastic way to reward your play time while benefiting the server as a whole..(hoarders)...
  • Heritage Token has been removed from the Event Token stone and each item has been added to the UOStore individually.
  • New Players will now ONLY be able to spawn in Britain or New Haven both have had their locations adjusted as well to avoid getting stuck!
  • Adjusted the way the game handles Honesty items just to see if we can squeeze out some optimization from the server. For the next week we will be testing this new system out to see if we can't get the save time even lower :) This should not effect your gameplay at all.
  • Britain Bank Blessed Extended to ground below the bank to allow more people to hang out without overcrowding the roof!
  • Moved the gates in Britain so you do not have to run through players on the bank roof to get to them.
  • Generic items on the ground will decay in 30 minutes now instead of 60. This should reduce the amount of "junk" gunking up things that people drop.
  • Dark Guardians drop extra Treasure maps since their difficulty had been increased.
  • The harvest/gathering yield has been equalized across Trammel(Malas, Ilshenar, TerMur, Tokuno) and Felucca with 2X yield, replacing the previous Felucca-only yield. The change was made as the previous difference no longer made sense for a PvE server, in line with OSI standards. The removal of redundant systems continues in 2023.
  • "Female vs Male" Mechanics for the Champion spawn of 'Semidar' have been restored to the OSI standards. This mechanic is a great challenge and changing it was unnecessary. It appears that we were influenced by our safe space policies in the wrong direction here, removing a fun mechanic. Players can use Incognito and other methods regardless of their gender to triumph in this challenge.
  • A new look for Magincia's Stone Exchange to allow for the addition of more stones in the future and easier line of sight!
  • Auto Saves are now every Half Hour as intended.
  • Tons of V-Day Tweaks.
  • The new bard items should not lose stats on restarts.
  • You can no longer @ the entire discord from global chat.
  • Grail Report from the Holy Grail quest line will be destroyed if removed from pack.
  • ServUO global chat has been turned off since we utilize a different system.
  • New players who select Fletching as a skill will now start with a Fletching Tool
  • Hepler Paulson Fixed @Tomj
  • Fishing pole retains makers mark, resource name, and exceptional status @Hammerhand
  • Fixed issue with Murder Bear (can now train Bushido as intended)
  • We found an issue with the Valentine's Day Champ spawn which in turn lead us to a critical error in the MINI champ spawns. We fixed it all. ALL OF IT. It will now not be overcrowded or dbl spawned. This should help reduce latency overall!
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