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This section is for the players of the server to let others know of the positive experiences they have had on UOAlive. Word of mouth is one of the best tools for private servers so we wanted to give you all an opportunity to voice what it is about UOAlive that has made it the place to call your Ultima Online home.

So if you can take a moment and let others know why you chose UOAlive, what has kept you here, and what you enjoy, it would be much appreciated.

Sugg format: We think the best format would be to start it off as if a new player asked, why do you play here, why should they play here. Then talk about what makes it unique and enjoyable to you. Maybe talk about the player base as well?

Thank you!
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The Nyght Family,

We found this server through an internet google search and wanted to take a look at it. Through the in-depth website that they offer plus the up and coming wiki it is a great place! They are one of the few that offer a very balanced server with complete immersion into to UO. We are a fan of role play with everyone adding there own spin and this is the place that makes that great. Along with balanced skill gain, loot rarity system, and a mix match of various other awesome parts pulling from different eras, is only icing on the cake at this point.

Keep it up staff this shard is awesome!


I found this place via a subreddit I rarely even check. Happened to be the launch weekend, and I've stuck around for about a month so far. I have played a few other free shards before. There's plenty out there to enjoy. Here's why I like UO:A:

I played a bit before Age of Shadows, and a lot afterward. I've even played a lot on T2A-replicating servers. To me, while AoS had some serious issues, it was also the biggest step forward for Ultima as a game. Before AoS, it was a great sandbox MMO, but it wasn't that great of a game. That changed when Age of Shadows changed everything.

There are surely other AoS servers out there, but UO:A keeps evolving, making constant changes that update the game for modern tastes while still maintaining that old-world feel. The loot rarity system makes evaluating all of that flood of mediocre items that AoS introduced much easier. Simple commands like [bondinfo and [organizeme add greatly to the quality of life. Constant vigilance to make sure everyone can play their way has been taken and balanced around.

Every weekend, there are new events. Cove and Minoc have been invaded, and throughout the month of October, plenty of spooky happenings have been about. The staff even adds little flavors to the world, from simple NPCs helping make the world feel a little more real, to blessing player settlements as they grow.

All of this has led to good, quality folk sticking around. In Discord and in game, I'm pleasantly surprised at those who choose to play here. We have a little bit of everything, just like live servers had. There are roleplayers, powergamers, casual players, those who mainly craft, thieves, warriors, you can find people killing balrons or derping around dying to ettins like me.

tl;dr it's the closest approximation to a live AoS server I've found, while still not feeling as clunky as Ultima really did without our rose colored glasses.


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Lets cut to the chase, Im having alot of fun on this server. No pay for items that overpower characters, Item rarity............Fun monsters to hunt to get me heart going........

Admin is a pretty good scriptor too!


Very well run server with an excellent and supportive staff. The community of players is solid and helpful. One of the best qualities of this server is that the people are mature. There is no toxicity in-game or on Discord/forums. It's a great playing experience.


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I've always hated Modern servers. Most I've come across were so decimated by an inflated economy and toons twinked out head to toe in artifacts. On UOAlive, however, it's rare that someone has more than one artifact and if they do, they grinded Doom for an eternity. It was really refreshing to see things a bit slower paced than the typical AoS servers I'm used to. Gold and items have true value.

Town hubs. Keeps the playerbase close, but still provides lots of things to do.

The staff are very responsive and are almost always available in Discord for response. Problems are addressed in a timely manner and accurately.

Loads of events and stuff to do!

Come join us!


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I recently switched over to this shard and I can definitely say I am here to stay. The host/devs are pretty helpful and you can clearly tell they have passion for this project which says a lot. I will continue to develop my skills and try to get myself established.

The features are spot on for what I want (my favorite time in OSI/EA UO). If you ever need anyone to play with then hit me up until then I will be slaying the peerless beasts of the UO wilds!

Etta Kitt

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My husband and I started playing UO:Alive January, 2019 and are, at this point, a few months into it. We both have different interests: he likes fishing, I prefer gardening, but we are both enjoying our time here!

The server is up to date through 2019, complete with expansions and the choice of using either the classic client or the enhanced! Dev response times are fast and I really love how I don't need to run ten screens away to find a damn healer as they are positioned outside of dungeons, ant holes and everywhere in between There is even one outside of Twisted Weld - a place I frequent (and die in) quite often. Skill gains are fast and allowed us to set up our toons quickly and get into the game quickly so we could get to the fun parts.

We tried a few other servers but have found our home here at UO:Alive.


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I've been playing UO shards off and on for years. What I like about UOAlive is that things are a bit more simple and slower paced, but it doesn't take long to skill up your character. Unlike other servers that have no skill cap, this server means you have to pick different templates instead of being a mage/necro/mystic/tamer that can do everything with ease.

The community is helpful, friendly, and the staff are quick to respond if you need help. Within my first week I was able to learn the ropes, get a house within the Luna area, and start a crafter.

Try it out.

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