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Things on this list may change or be modified and will be updated accordingly. Additionally, more will be added to the list as they come to mind or as they occur.

Players Making History

Here at UOAlive, we believe that it's the players who make the server. Each player contributes something to the world, and these contributions can often lead to fun events. Every shard has its own history, and this wiki page has been created to highlight the lore of UOAlive.

In Memoria

Though individual players come and go, many have left a permanent mark on UOAlive. The following is a summary of these players, their memorials, and what they mean to the community.

  • Ming-Hua was a silent hero amongst the ranks of the UOAlive Merchants. They tirelessly contributed to their vendor for newer players stocking it with runebooks, magery books, and provisions new players would benefit from. Not once did they talk in global, or discord, or even game. They stuck to their own devices and got joy out of helping others, quietly in the background. They were a grand embodiment of the values UOAlive strives to uphold. Prior to their departure from UOAlive they reached out to say goodbye and that they would no longer have time as real life had finally come calling. The following vendor, which started as a direct replica of their vendor, now turned statue, was erected to keep his memory alive and continue supplying new players.
In Memory of Ming-Hua


  • Additional memoriums may be present. Work in progress note.

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