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Question regarding windrunner mount


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I bought it from the UO store and I saw on the UO bestiary it acutally trains up to a pretty ok pet. I'm using it on my Chiv Archer and was wondering if it's possible to drop say anatomy for animal lore, and then train it up to a 5 slot mount then drop animal lore to get anatomy back? That way I have a 5 slotted pet that can fight alongside me as a chiv archer? Would that be possible? Would a 5 slot pet even obey a chiv archer with 0 taming/animal lore?


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No, you need animal taming and lore to train up or use a trained pet. Any fully trained (5 slot) pet pretty much needs at least 110 taming and lore to be useable.

You could become a chiv/tamer/archer, it's what my main char does. I have taming/lore/vet/chiv/archery/tactics but you could tweak it to suit you. I don't do as much damage as a straight up archer would but my pet makes up for that (and is a buffer so I can run away if things get hairy!)

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