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Greetings fellow Knaves & Slaves, today's beatdown specimen was a meaty one indeed. Upon killing his whole demonic and gargish kin, Semidar arose from the ashes of his brothers (and super erotic succubus sisters) to avenge their deaths.

With a single dragon and a wraith-turned-human archer, both Keidis and Ralan Bek (@Milamber) commenced the beatdown of this ancient living-yet-not-really-alive demonic presence.

After about 250 bandages, a lot of pixelated blood and some tactful maneuvering, BigFuckoffMantis was looking for a KO:


Ralan Bek kept the pressure on with an onslaught of crossbow bolts to the fucking face:


What's this?! As you can tell in the picture above, Keidis plays his Bamboo Skin Flute in an awfully annoying manner, landing A FUCKING DISCORD with his shitty playing.

It was his shitty playing that ultimately blew out the eardrums of this demonic beast, causing its limbic system to commit Seppuku (hara kiri):


The Gods of Stygian Abyss offered the brave warriors unlimited life and handjobs, to which the crusaders declined. "There are much too many evil presences to be fought with" said Keidis. The Gods laughed at his horrible English grammar and agreed that they need to remain mortals as Ralan Bek stood in the back shaking his head in regret of missing out on an eternity of handies.

"As a reward for your bravery (and slight stupidity), we'll give you bitches the riches" the Gods proclaimed and gold rained from the heavens.


What would one do with so much gold? You ask.

Why not buy a fuckin' digital castle?


And so it was. The lands of Sosaria were safe of a threat for another few hours until that blasted champion spawn timer ticks to zero.

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