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IMPORTANT Server Rules

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In-Game Rules

These rules may differ from the server you come from or if you play on OSI where you pay for a subscription and they do not enforce their own rules. These may appear strict because we dislike actioning people.

Therefore the rules are here to make sure there are no gray areas.

These rules ensure a fair and equal gameplay experience for everyone on UOAlive. They also ensure there is a balanced and fair economy as well as equal risk vs reward.

UOAlive prides itself on a balanced economy and gameplay experience for everyone. These rules are a catalyst.

Thank you for taking the time to read them.

Multi-Boxing or Multi-Clienting

Playing multiple accounts simultaneously—more commonly known as multi-clienting or multi-boxing—is not permitted on UOAlive.
You must always be controlling your active Account.*
No Scripts, No Assistants, No Dual Boxing(keystrokes being used to control multiple Accounts at once from one keyboard or account), and no automated tasks can be used to "cause damage" to the monsters Account A is fighting from Account B or C.
The above also applies to beneficial spells, virtue buffs, or general buffs, such as healing pets, players, or friends, casting cures, or using virtues to gain more scrolls.
The ONLY exception is upon death. Second and third accounts can be utilized to rez or gate or help the first character in case of death or NON combat, progressing, gathering actions or roles, as long as they are swapped to and controlled by the account holder at the time, not done via macros or scripts.
Example: Account A(and Pet) is fighting a champion spawn, Account B and C cannot be at the same champion spawn to assist Player A(and Pet) in any capacity via a script or macro other than if Account A(and Pet) DIES and is removed from Combat. They can be resurrected, gated, or healed to full to get back to fighting order. Then return to battle without Account B or C assisting in any way.
*It doesn’t matter how many monitors you have and if you can see multiple windows. The window “in focus” and being “used” is the Account you are controlling.
(YOU CAN and ARE ALLOWED to put your extra accounts AFK at a bank or blessed area to benefit from BRITCOIN(BTC) as usual, BRITCOIN is not considered a RESOURCE.)
(YOU CAN and ARE ALLOWED to put macro skills AFK as long as it is not categorized as RESOURCE GATHERING.)
Anything else is considered AFK resource gathering. REFER BELOW to AFK RESOURCE GATHERING RULES:


It is against the rules to gather resources with an automated process while you are away from your computer or playing another character.
It is not against the rules to gather resources with an automated process while you are controlling your character and not playing any other Account.
Resources are defined as trees, cotton, ingots, gatherables, fishing, gold, rares, or any other spawned item be it from a “gathering node” or “monster’s corpse”.
Failure to respond to a staff member within 2-3 minutes while carrying out these functions will result in punishment.
BOD collecting AFK is considered AFK resource gathering.
It is against the rules to have more than one account at an IDOC(in danger of collapsing house event), this is considered AFK resource gathering and multiboxing.
Fishing AFK is considered AFK resource gathering. (due to the complicated nature of skill gain and afk resource gathering, AFK skill gain of fishing is NOT allowed and is considered AFK resource gathering)
Killing any NPC, Monster, or Creature over and over AFK is considered AFK resource gathering.
If you are gaining items in-game, but are AFK, this is AFK resource gathering.
If the game is not fun to you without macros for these things, we ask you to please move on to a different server or game so not to interrupt the fun of others here.
Example: Account A is resource gathering via scripts, Account B or C is at a champion spawn and being controlled by the player. Account A is no longer being controlled by the player and is considered to be afk resource gathering. It doesn’t matter how many monitors you have and if you can see multiple windows. The window “in focus” and being “used” is the Account you are controlling.
Consequences for any of the above:
  • Your first infraction will result in a 72 hour ban, all items being removed that are considered a resource from your account(ingots, boards, jewels, fishing items, gold, etc), and possible permanent suspension. This will depend on the severity of the offense and will be decided by the admins in a Discord ticket with all members involved. The ban begins after this conversation has concluded even if you are already temporarily banned. If you do not reply within 24 hours of the original in-game “jailing” or temporary suspension, your accounts will be permanently banned. We are not here to waste anyone’s time.
  • Your second infraction will result in a PERMANENT BAN of all accounts linked to your IP account. We are no longer giving leniency for this. Obviously you can submit a ticket with an appeal but we record all of these Bans for reference so there is no confusion about "I was just peeing for the entire night".
AFK resource macroing ruins servers, economies and player fun. Not only that it wastes the time of the admins and other players who are affected by it.

  • Accounts are limited to 3 accounts per IP with 7 characters per account (House Hold) unless specifically requested.
  • 1 House per account, total three houses.
  • Players creating additional accounts without authorization will have their accounts deleted at to reduce the amount of accounts.
  • Accounts are the player’s responsibility: Be sure to register your account. You are responsible for the actions on your account.
  • It is not allowed to share your account with anyone else. This can result in a ban. We realize this may seem different than some games, but UO is older and account sharing can lead to exploitation.
  • Do not share your account login information or passwords with anyone. This not only breaks our 3 accounts per household rule, but it can put your account at risk.
  • Staff will NEVER ask for your password. Do not share it with anyone.
  • Your character name should not be offensive, impersonation of staff, political, meant to incite hate, or random letters, capitalized crazy, or symbols. It should be a name to keep immersion.
  • Accounts over 365 Days of Inactivity are automatically deleted to maintain a fast and efficient server. That means, if you have not logged in to any character on an account 366 days it will be removed. We decided to favor those playing and a smooth experience rather than those who "might" return.
Spouse, family, sign other accounts:
  • Open a HELP TICKET on discord to apply for accounts for others of the same household if the accounts will exceed 3. We will happily make an exception and tag your accounts as such.
  • You will need to provide proof you live with multiple people playing and pass a few in game tests to have your petition accepted for more than 3 accounts.
  • Doing this on your own without opening a ticket can result in temporarily being banned as we keep a log of accounts being shared.
  • If we find you exploiting this we will ban all accounts.
Multi-Generational Play:

At UOAlive, we celebrate the inclusion of players of all ages, fostering a multi-generational gaming community. While we welcome younger players to join in the Ultima Online experience, we emphasize the importance of adult supervision in navigating the dynamic and persistent online world.
Our Safe Space policies aims to create a respectful atmosphere, combined with in game tools to help enforce those policies, but it's essential to acknowledge the challenges in real-time content moderation within an older game like Ultima Online. As a community, we encourage parents or guardians to actively participate in monitoring and guiding the online experiences of their younger generational players. UOAlive, in the spirit of shared responsibility, will maintain it's Safe Space policies. Multi Generational households must take responsibility for interactions and experiences that may unfold in our vibrant virtual real time realm.
We strive to provide a platform where families can responsibly share the joy of Ultima Online. By extending the gift of Ultima Online, we not only cater to the nostalgia of parents but also introduce it to a new generation. Thank you for recognizing our dedication to maintaining a Safe Space and for jointly shouldering responsibilities for individuals under the age of 18 who choose to venture into the world of UOAlive.

Vendor Markets not inside a home
  • There are vendor markets all over the world in Britain, Zento, Magincia and the like.
  • 1 World Vendor PER Account: Each player will be allowed to have 1 World Vendor per account(enforced automatically in the code). With the ability to have up to 3 accounts on UOAlive, this means you can potentially have up to 3 World Vendors in total. This is raised from the previous 2. *(This applies to any vendor not in a home I.E. Magincia, Britain, New Haven Vendor Markets (the little rugs))*
  • If you need more than 3 vendors you are free to place as many as you wish in the confines of your own player homes without restrictions :)
Staff Interaction
  • Do not page or ask staff to give handouts or hold events.
  • Under no circumstances will staff return lost items. Game play is at your own risk. This includes (but is not limited to) duel pits, vendors and trade.
  • Do not page to swear, insult or argue with staff.
  • Do not page staff in game to complain about Mechanics that you dislike. There is a suggestions and feedback section on the forums.
3rd Party Programs
  • Client modifications and cosmetic changes (eg. Treehack) are allowed as long as they do not change the way the client interfaces with the server.
  • It is against the rules to distribute client modification, accepting modifications, programs or hacks could put your account at risk to hackers.
  • UOSteam, Razor, Razor Enhanced, and Classic Assist are permitted.
Exploitation of Bugs
  • Exploiting any bug is against the rules. This includes bugs that are beneficial or not beneficial.
  • Accepting or possession of bugged items is against the rules.
  • Unattended macroing is within the rules for skill gain(see below). This DOES NOT include gathering of resources or purchasing of items of any kind: see "Resources" above.
  • You may macro SKILL GAIN within Dungeons, boats, the world, and houses at your own risk.
  • There should be no macros for farming monsters automatically, any automated killing, event running, fishing, and “resource gathering”. If you are gaining resources it is Resource Gathering. If you are using pre gathered resources it is not.
  • You are not allowed to macro in a blessed area or exploit the fact that there is no damage in these areas to raise skills on yourself or a pet. This is a quality of life addition for those areas, and you are on the honor system. Those found doing so will have their skills wiped. This includes pets.
Blocking and Traps
  • Blocking during combat, with either your character, or another object is considered griefing, unless done by accident, or by a not player mobile. This includes boxing people in with objects.
  • It is against the rules to contain a players ghost in such a way that they cannot escape.
  • Stamina trapping using your character is not allowed.
  • Trapping other players pets in houses or on boats is against the rules as this just causes grief.
  • It is illegal to:
  • Use a macro or script to complete any part of the house placement procedure. It must be done entirely by hand.
  • Trap an NPC in your house. If the NPC can get in, exits must be available for it to leave.
  • It is legal to: Trap players within a house. (Use the Leave House Function)
  • Houses do decay, but it takes MUCH longer. A range of 50-70 Days for a house to fully decay if you do not refresh it by opening a door or dbl clicking the house sign within the 50-70 days.
  • Once a home enters IDOC status, neither player actions nor GM intervention can refresh it, ensuring the integrity of the IDOC channel on Discord. Deliberate attempts to disrupt this system or the IDOC mechanism will lead to account removal from the game. If your home went IDOC due to reasons beyond your control, active players can open a help ticket for assistance. This system is designed for everyone's enjoyment, emphasizing support for active players and not punitive measures.
    • Our aim is to enhance fairness and reward active gameplay, discouraging logins solely for refreshing homes. This new system introduces a random element in house decay to extend refresh times for active players. Players who login just to refresh homes will need to monitor their houses more closely to keep them within the 50-70 day range. These changes are not punitive; they promote fairness and a fair housing market for dedicated active players. Veterans can still maintain their houses, but may need to login more frequently if they don't actively participate. The new system aims to strike a fair compromise, allowing for growth while maintaining an equitable playing space for everyone, and prioritizing those who are active on the server. The minimum 50-day duration still provides ample time for house maintenance.
  • This won't affect vacations, military leave, emergencies, or other extenuating circumstances. Help tickets can be used to hold a home in such situations.
  • Click for more info!
  • It is legal to:
  • To board another’s boat
  • To break into a boat hull. Boat Hulls are not secure. Store items here at your own risk.
  • Consistent actions like this however will be considered griefing. Please just do the right thing and let others know if their ships are left unsecure.
  • Boats do not decay as fast as OSI to give people more fun on the sea! We do not disclose the amount of days a boat can stay at sea, you will need to keep an eye on your boat for decay status. (not everything can be handed to you! hehe)
  • It is illegal to: False advertise on vendors
  • It is Legal to: Host a lottery vendor
    • It is ILLEGAL to host a lottery vendor with ZERO prizes. There has to be at least ONE prize greater or equal to the price of the highest lottery box price.
  • Staff will not return gold from Lottery Vendors.
  • Scams are NOT ALLOWED. Scamming using Discord or the Forums will result in a warning and items returned to the scammed player. Multiple offenses will result in a ban.
  • Joining another guild to attempt to murder them is not allowed and has been turned off by code. We have looting of friends turned on to allow for easier corpse runs. Anyone found stealing from corpses will be banned, no second chances. This is a PvE server with no PvP. Do not create drama.
False Gating
  • False gating will be deemed illegal when the destination results in trapped, or stuck player ghosts.
Events and Handouts
  • Events are held at the discretion of the staff. No event guarantees a prize nor are staff members required to give one.
  • Do not page for events.
  • Server handouts are given by senior staff at their discretion. Events, holidays and other occasions do not guarantee a server handout.
  • Server handouts can be removed by shard administrators at any time. Buy, sell and trade these items at your own risk. Do not page regarding handouts.
  • Players are required to treat all participants in Poker games with respect and refrain from using offensive language or engaging in harassment or discrimination.
  • Responsible gaming practices should be followed, and players are encouraged to report any violations of the Safe Space Policies to maintain a fair and enjoyable Poker environment.
  • Players must refrain from engaging in real-life betting during Poker games; all betting should be limited to in-game currency or items.
  • "Discord PvP" related to Poker games are strictly prohibited. Respect your fellow players.
  • Players engaging in any of the above behavior will face removal from the SERVER to maintain a respectful and enjoyable gaming environment.
Harassment and Spam
  • Racism will not be tolerated.
    • Character names with curses, racism, or otherwise objectionable words may be changed.(strictly enforced, we want to keep immersion)
    • Guild Names cannot be racist (Within the Staff discretion).
    • Due to the large player-base, language and profanity is not monitored. Please use the ignore feature if a player is bothering you. However racism and overly excessive harassment in game are actionable.
    • Racist material, wording (other than speech) or symbols used in game will be removed.
  • It is illegal to: Exploit the Server in any way, including Denial of Service, mechanic exploits, unauthorized access to accounts not belonging to you, etc.
  • It is against the rules to: Imitate any Staff Members.
  • It is against the rules to : Advertise other shards, both in game, on the Forums, and discord, except where permitted. You are welcome to talk about other servers in discord in passing just don't post advertisements, links, and recruitment. Also, please don't talk down about other servers. Choice is actually a good thing!
Exception to the rules above for Servers:
  • By participating in UOAlive, you agree to not recruit for, or participate in any servers that mimic, imitate, or steal from UOAlive. Any violation of this non-compete clause will result in immediate ban from the game. Please note that this clause does not prohibit playing on other servers, only those that are clearly intended to harm or maliciously smear UOAlive.

    To ensure transparency, we want to clarify the server rules regarding player removal. If we detect any issue that violates our rules, we will speak with the player first before taking any action. Unless a violation is illegal, breaks our internal NDA or Policy(which fall under common business practices), intentional acts of malice toward the server, or violates our safe space rules with the intention of harming others, no player will be removed from the server without prior warning. We understand that misunderstandings can happen, so we want to emphasize that players are always given a chance to tell their side of the story, an internal discussion is then had, and if and only if a major infraction has occurred will action be taken.

    Playing the game positively and being a good influence will never result in removal. Every decision to remove a player is based on our transparent and concise rules, which are there to avoid ever having to remove anyone, when possible.
Cross Server Recruitment
  • Recruiting members to join your server will result in an instant ban and all characters being deleted.
  • Bashing UOAlive in a public forum will result in a 24 hour ban and if it continues will result in loss of your accounts.
Selling or Buying items in game for Real Life Currency:
  • THIS IS 100% against our ToS. We believe players should be enjoying the game within the game not creating a microtransactional sub economy. That is why UOAlive itself is pay to win free. We hope our players adopt this as well. Those found in violation will be immediately removed from the community. There is not "warning" for this violation. Let's keep the GAME fun for everyone!
Helpful Tools for Efficient Help Tickets:

At UOAlive, we strive to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. To ensure the accurate reporting of incidents involving bad actors, server rule violations, and unusual occurrences/bugs, we encourage the use of various tools to provide evidence. These tools include:
  • Screenshots: Capture the moment using the built-in screenshot function of your game client, operating system, or a third-party software.
  • Videos: Utilize tools like GeForce Experience, Xbox Game Bar, OBS (a free capture utility), or even your smartphone to record video footage of the incident.
  • ClassicUO Launcher Logs: The ClassicUO Launcher automatically captures logs that can be helpful in documenting and analyzing specific events.
By utilizing these tools, you can provide "concrete"(not always clear cut) proof of the incidents you encounter, enabling us to investigate and take appropriate action to our best abilities as a team. We appreciate your commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players on UOAlive.

"Claiming" Mobs, Bosses, Areas, Champs, or Events etc.

Let's officially address this specific point - all players are welcome to participate in world events in UOAlive. Regardless of what the internet says, this is a massive multiplayer game that is always open to everyone. We encourage players to come and go from events as they see fit, including taking on bosses that have just spawned at champs or other group events in the world. It's important to note that no player has a claim to anything in this game simply because of the time they've invested.

While it's polite to ask others to join events, it's not necessary, but highly encouraged in the nature of good sportsmanship and friendly communication. However, in an open-world game like UO, players cannot ask others to leave when fighting monsters. A new player may not even know they are coming up on an event and just want to enjoy the epic adventure in front of them!

With instanced loot, champion changes, and normal looting rights given to those who put in the effort, there should be no issues. In events, prizes usually go directly to the player's pack based on their work, so there is no need to worry about affecting others.

We recognize that end bosses of events can be challenging, and new players will need help. New players are always welcome to join, as many may not know what stage the event is at.

It's important to note that there are common sense exceptions to this inclusivity: This rule is intended to make the experience for new players/solo players/small groups of players better. This is not meant for full experienced groups or guilds who just want to take advantage of this section of the server rules. Waiting for someone to open a treasure chest and then stealing all the loot or exploiting event bosses by bringing a large group of people to "overpower the players currently doing the event" when it spawns without helping during the event would be breaking the spirit of UOAlive and the Common Sense rules below.

This rule also does NOT apply to taming. If there is a global announcement of a rare tame, and multiple people go, then it is open season as it is a public announcement, but if you come across someone trying to tame a mob on their own, stealing it or interrupting their tame is against the rules. It all comes down to common sense.

UOAlive is based on trust and community. We aim to foster a friendly atmosphere, so those found exploiting that courtesy will be removed.

-The entire UOAlive Team

COMMON SENSE GOES INTO A LOT OF UOALIVE'S RULES: If you are doing something that gives you an unfair advantage over other players and or hurts the experience or economy of UOAlive, you are breaking a rule. If you ever wonder if you are breaking a rule, feel free to open a ticket and ask us on Discord. We are always happy to clarify. Our intention is NOT to gate you by rules and regulations but to provide a fair and event playing experience for all players new and old on UOAlive.

Have you read and agree to these rules? In order to claim your New Player token you must now go to our Discord Server and click the green button that says you "Agree to the Rules" for your permissions, you know you have done this when your name becomes purple and has a tag We Are Alive!
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