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Past Events Silly Pet Hunt in Doom Saturday 25th June


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Welcome to the next installment of the UOAlive silly pet, or "The wrong pets ONLY", hunt where we only bring the wrong pets for the job. Bring your goats, alligators, monkeys or ferrets or whatever stupid or unusual pet you want!
No "common" or classic pets, meaning no nightmares, dragons, najas, cu's or any other pet you used to see or see all the time these days. Tame something silly, train it and bring it. And keep it 3 slot max. You can bring 2 pets if you want, but no pet should be above 3-slot.

This time we take on dungeon Doom and the Doom gauntlet! Starting at 18:00 CET / 20:00 UTC / 11am PAC / 1pm EST. We meet at the entrance to Doom in Malas, gather enough demon bones to summon a bone demon (or as many as we need depending on the number of players attending) to get a skull(s) to get across to the gauntlet. Then we keep going until we get bored, or everyone has enough hats of magi to last a lifetime!

Feel free to swap arties or if you get something you don't need but someone else does, feel free to be generous. This will obviously not be enforced, but encouraged. Also, for everyone's sanity, please make sure you have a "Doom bone cutter" function active in your assistant of choice. This makes it infinitely less tedious :)
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Moved the event to allow more people to make it. Several players are busy in the next couple of weeks. New date is Saturday 25th of June. Then it will happen monthly on the last Saturday of the month going forward to make it easier to plan.