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Player Written Guides So you're no longer a total newbie and you want to make some gold... (vendors-for-dummies)


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One of the most frequent questions asked on Discord is "How do I make some gold?"
Obviously, there's different levels to this, but there's definitely a gap between "smacking earth eles in NH mines" to "I wanna buy high-end artis."

People will spend weeks in this zone farming and but forget to setup a vendor to sell everything they have collected, missing out on selling items that will bring in a hefty profit beyond the farm itself. There's a huge demand for newbie-desired items, PSs, and tools, so this guide will focus on the things that you might not think will sell well, but you should be selling (or undercutting) other people on the shard so you can get some passive income on that stuff lying around.

First, let's talk about Vendor Search. If you single click yourself while in a safe area (for some reason it doesn't work in New Haven... hop over to Zento to do it there, or do it from your house), the second option will be "vendor search", which you'll be using heavily to figure out what other people are selling and what's worth under-cutting. Note: all tames are listed under "shrunken", which is a pet shrunken down by the gold stone's leash (2k per charge.

Ok, now onto things you can sell that can make money... aka things that every New Player wants, and we get 5-10 New Players a week (at least... that's just the ones vocal on discord).

1) Books of Mastery - these are gotten via bard quests from the bard college in Britain. They're SUPER easy to do (5-10mins per book, once you know what you're doing), and everyone needs at least a few (realistically 1 per char). Tamers especially need them, and pretty much everyone has a tamer. Easiest is peacemaking: https://www.uoguide.com/The_Beacon_of_Harmony
*If you do the provo one, buy 5 rabbits from a stable, take them through a gate to a city, look around for a wandering healer, and one-by-one release a rabbit and provo it onto the healer.
*Looking on vendor search right now, they're going for 25k. Is it maybe worth spending 30m getting like 6 books and tossing them on a vendor for 10-20k a piece?

2) Searching "animal taming", I see a Vol 2 primer for 5k, a 110 scroll for 100k, and everything else is pricier than that. Animal lore 110s start at 110k as well. New players need these scrolls... if you can do champs with each other, by yourself, or just joining random people, then you can undercut and sell stuff like this. Can you make 50k for a 110 stealing? Probably not, but I'm betting there's a bunch of power scrolls lying around that you'll never use.
*Things like wrestling and tactics are very valuable, since people like using them on their tamed pets.

3) Another note from the prior search... Vol 2 primer is 5k, and there's no other taming mastery books. People like having cheap vol 1s and 2s so they can insta level taming once it's at 90. If they have a mastery book (which you could be selling for 10-20k), and a vol 1 or 2 primer (sell for 5-50k), then they can use mastery tricks to level 90+ taming to whatever their max is in a matter of minutes. It's a convenience they may pay 20-50k total for, but not one they'd pay 100k for when they have very little money and they still have to buy powerscrolls for their tamer.

4) Tames! There's a HUGE call for tamed pets, most especially ready-to-bond ones. What are ready to bond pets, and how do you sell them? Well, you need some starter money, namely 50k to buy a 25 charge leash at the gold stone (Giant tree in zento, looks like an old guildstone). Once you have the leash, you'll either want to be a [young] player, or you'll want to be a peacer to make your job easier. Either way, the process is to tame a pet (if you peace it, it'll still try to lunge at you if you anger it, in which case your goal is to spam "tame last target" on a macro loop and stay 2 spaces away. walk 3+ spaces when you either successfully start to tame or take too much damage. Having max resists in phys helps a TON here.) - Once the pet is tamed, you're going to cast "create food" and feed it what it wants to eat (or if you're smart, get the food pre-prepped before you finish the tame... taking apples and some meat might be smart!). Then, type [bondinfo to check and see if the bonding process started... it should say "6 days and 23 hours..." if you fed it properly. Then, use the leash on it and it's now going to be ready-to-bond in one week for whomever uses that shrunken statue and feeds it! So, do a vendor search for shrunken, see if there's, say, not a lot of dragons for sale, and go tame drags at hythloth. To sell these *properly*, you're going to toss it on a vendor and type in, without quotes, "50000 Ready-to-bond!" or "25000 fed 3/4" so people can tell if it's ready to bond right now or ready 1 week after it's fed date. Note: best practice is to clear the area/drag what you want to tame to somewhere safer. If you cannot do this, then spam "all follow" after completing a tame so that your fresh tame doesn't run off and get itself killed. If it's in a "follow" state, it can be leashed at any time. Also, if it's ridable, it's easy to hop on if it's following you... take it somewhere to feed it before leashing. If you have to emergency-leash it to keep it alive, just know it'll cost you a 2k charge to open it back up and feed it before re-leashing it. Note 2: Do *not* have any kind of "reflect damage" gear equipped OR try to heal yourself *during* the taming process... doing so will cause the tame to fail! Heal before starting the next taming attempt, timing out your peaces if you're peacing it.

5) You see that NPC guy above the bank in New Haven? He sells newbie stuff. He's got a whole shrine of honor because he's the only person who would keep a vendor stocked with those things, and after a few years of doing so, eventually moved on, and Tr1age built him a whole freaking shrine. You can easily make money by undercutting this NPC, and no one will ever replace you. Runebooks and rune atlases are noteworthy... you can make a pretty penny on stuff like this, full magebooks, etc.

6) LRC suits, resist suits, etc. Everyone *always* needs at least 1 LRC suit, and they're super easy to make if you have a tailor or BS, gm arms lore, and an imbuer. Don't have an imbuer yet? Why the hell not?! Set your razor, uosteam, or whatever to autoloot gems, both ring models, and both bracelet models, and you'll have a 120 imbuer in no time (simply unravel entire bags of jewelry at a time). Have an imbuer? Great! Prepare to make gobs of money for very little time and effort. Simply make leather armor of any special leather at all (10k for harvesting tool on gold vendor makes this REALLY easy, btw, and twice as much leather drops in fel), then imbue it with 15-18lrc per piece. Sell it for 7-10k a bag. Want to sell pricier ones? Imbue it with LRC, LMC, and increase the lowest resist to 16ish (max without using special resources). Try to balance the resists across the 6 pieces so it'll be close to cap for the set (so average 10 per resist per piece, with 5 pieces having an imbue that maxes that resist), and now they have a fantastic little starting set they'll happily pay 10-25k for, or whatever you feel is worth it! Same could be done with studded leather or plate armor for dexxers... just do LMC, resists, chance to hit, and resists, while trying to add a resist imbue into fire every time if you can (sampires, a super popular build, need an extra 25 fire resist on their sets). These dexxer suits could easily sell for 50-500k if you can build in extra fire resist!

7) Double axes - I sell these for 25k, I make them in batches of 5-10, and they rarely last a week. I *hate* keeping up with these, and pray someone will take it over.

The base of the item is mana leech, stamina leech, & hit area, and it starts with DI since it's an exceptionally made weapon. Simply make 20-25 double axes out of plain iron, toss any that aren't like 110dura or above in a salvage bag (purchased from provisioners... SUPER useful for crafting), and use the 110dura ones to make these cheap axes. You can swap out life leech for either HLD (hit lower defense) or SSI, and both are good choices as options for people to buy. These cost next-to-nothing to make (imbue mats are pretty much free by the time you have a 120 imbuer), and they sell FAST. You can make different weapon types of course... feel free to experiment! There's a HUGE market for weapons like these, and various levels of mage/dexxer suits, with no one seemingly wanting to make these! Note: you can buy ingots in NH from the iron smelter or the vagabond... they go up 1gp in price per 1k ingots sold, and it takes a bit for the price to go back down again.

8) There's a market for higher-end dexxer suits especially, but those require powders of fortification to max out their dura on. See Subtle's amazing guides for making high end armor or weapons! People *love* to make sampires when they get bored of their tamers, and no one seems to want to craft high-end, custom, or full suits for these people. You could play with 250-750k versions of this, or higher for custom... there currently isn't a single crafter on the server who will custom-make what you want, so there's a HUGE market there, either via vendors, or via trade channel/"advertising"!

9) There's a market for carpentry at the moment, and has been since I started 8+ mos ago. You could sell soul forges, exceptional instruments, etc for a pretty penny. You could also sell the standard stuff for a decent price, simply so new people don't have to bother making their own carps.

10) There's a market for imbue mats, or the things they make. Slayer weapons might sell well, for example, and require not much more than camping the right mobs on occasion and building up the stack of 10 required to make the slayer. Check the vendor search for what's there, and keep an eye if it sells or not!

11) Pay attention to things YOU want or wanted to buy on vendor search, but no one carried at a reasonable price. Go sell that! It's probably stupidly easy to make, but no one wants to make it. There's a new call out there for mage wands gotten from dungeon chests that have spellcasting/magery weapon on them, so people can more easily raise magery skill... people talk about it on discord and yet no one is selling these! Is it something worth camping? Maybe, maybe not, but it's certainly worth paying attention to discord for the things people ask for regularly, or the things that we advise new people to go get!

You buy these from bankers. You have two options for vendors:
1) Per Tr1age's instructions: Tokuno has a vendor plaza! The vendor tiles are ready in Tokuno. You need a "Contract of Employment" which can be purchased at the platform from the innkeeper (or via a banker) and to stand on the tile to place. REMEMBER ONE PER PERSON(that is ONE per IP, ONE PER all 3 ACCOUNTS. ONE TOTAL.) Enjoy! - These cost 1k gold per day, so a little pricey but worth it if you have some things stored up to save.
2) vendor at your house: You can use the pricey "commission contract of Employment", which has like a 1gp/day upkeep but takes a small portion of sales. I can't remember the exact math, but you need to sell more than 70k in a day for it to be pricier that day than the 1k/day vendor. You could also just use the simple Contract if you don't mind the 1k/day charge(which has been been lowered from OSI to be a flat fee and won't scale the more you list so list away!)

No one wants to take the time to vendor, but everyone wants juicy SG/rooftop artis without any way to raise the 3-10mil besides gold farming. I'd urge people to pay attention to the market and see what's missing, and fill that gap! Even if you *have* juicy SG artis to sell, you are going to need to price them properly as the economy is extremely balanced here!

Things to keep an eye out, especially for selling tames:
1) Some pets can come with a -1 to their slots to control. For instance, mares can start with 2 slots instead of 3. This can be determined either by Loring it and checking manually before taming/killing, *or* some wild creatures like drags and mares can come with a [rare] tag that means it's both a special color and a -1 slot. This extra slot means a whole extra taming level, so an additional 1501 points when it finishes at level 5. Najas, mares, dragons, greater dragons... all these can spawn with -1 slot, and it's a 1-2% chance for it to happen. -1 slots sell MUCH better than regular, and should be noted when you sell your pet (it's not visible on vendor search, nor are resists for things like CU when resists are important in the decision of what to purchase)

2) Pets that sell well and are always desired are Beetles (both), CUs, and najas. Stuff like dragons, mares, and other neat stuff sell well too, but juggle your time vs what's on the market, and pay extra attention to whether the stuff on the market is listed as "ready to bond" or "fed on"... people who start on the server can get taming to gm or 110 in the first day or two, and they're eager to start KILLING stuff asap... that means they're primed and ready to buy your ready-to-bond stuff!

3) Overtame! If you're grabbing najas, especially ones with more than 190dex, then grab a bunch at once! When I first started, I tamed like 30 najas when I was still [young], and it took me about 4 months to liquidate them at 30-90k a pop, depending on stats. A new player will happily pay 30k for a ready-to-bond naja with sub-par stats (it'll still annihilate most things in the game), it's good training for him for learning the system, and I'm making gold on something I tamed months ago and forgot about. Maybe you don't need to tame 30+ of something, but if you do, *you* get to keep the ones with the best stats, and sell the rest! Be patient with selling in bulk... this is playing the long game, not the short, and sometimes it's best to put 5 items at a time of something instead of your whole inventory.

I would *love* to see more vendors geared towards new players! (besides the one in New Haven on the rooftop) It's a great way to pay it forward... If I know some guy I gave an LRC suit is now selling them at newbie-affordable prices, it makes my life a lot easier since I can point new people towards affordable vendors and not have to go make a suit myself for them. Same with cheaper powerscrolls, books of mastery, etc. When I see these things at high prices on vendors, I'm tempted to give it to them instead. If I see them cheap, I happily point them towards earth elementals or somesuch and say, "go kill that, then buy this." I'd *much* rather have people earn their own stuff, and be able to do it in a meaningful fashion that *feels* like natural progression instead of some guy bestowing them with gifts... it's better for them, it's better for us, and it's better for the server.

Good luck, and I hope you try to boost the early-to-mid-game economy here... you will find it very profitable and in demand.
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