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Past Events Submit your Screenshots and Video!


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Hey everyone! So some players have sent me videos and screenshots of their adventures and I have been using them to help advertise the server. It has been working quite well as people get to see what you all come up with creatively, fighting bosses, adventuring, etc.


So let me know if you have more. Feel free to post them here FIRST then if they are awesome, send me a message on discord and dropbox me the file to be included on our youtube! :)

A great free recording software: https://obsproject.com/download

Thanks again for all your support and awesome efforts!
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[K&S] Tackles Semidar Once Again! - Keidis feels a tingling sensation while healing his dragon, that can't be bad... right?

[K&S] It's 2 A.M., keep landing discords, I have work tomorrow! - Keidis trying to be funny while his dragon takes care of semi-dead-bitch Semidar.