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Player Written Guides Subtles Six Steps to Sick Weapons


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Subtles Six Steps to Sick Weapons.

This guide is a walkthrough the 6 step process for creating weapons as I do.

Like anyone using a weapon without Armor Ignore, you will end up with a large collection of weapons. Crafting a weapon for a single encounter, whether boss or champ spawn or event, is very common.

The most important part of this process, before changing or messing with anything, is to plan out what 5 mods you want to end up with.
Use this site to plan out what your going to make beforehand. https://www.knuckleheads.dk/tools/imbuing/weapon
Be aware that the weight is often off by a couple points on the calc vs in game, but I would say its 98%+ accurate.

Must Haves
Mana Leech - high as possible %, single most important mod
Hit Area - high as possible %, Scales with Slayer dam%, useful for pulling and grouping, superior in every way to hit spell
Slayer - If the enemy has a slayer vulnerability that is
Hit Lower Defense - Flexible as to where in your build you have it, but a Must Have
Swing Speed Increase - Flexible as to where in your build you have it, Stamina+SSI to hit 1.25 swing speed Breakpoint (This will lower mana leech% the higher the faster the weapon itself is)
Damage Increase % - Flexible as to where in your build you have the 100% total
Stamina Leech - No amount of stamina regen is enough to recover the stamina from a big hit fast enough (For melee weapons at least)

Normally, Sampires first axe is:
100% Physical (using consecrate weapon constantly)
40% Damage increase
65% Mana Leech
25% SSI
44% Lower Defense
44% Stam Leech

(This starter axe contains all things you dont have yet when first creating your sampire)

Then after lotsa gearing, your axe collection will most likely be (not including runic reforges) in this format:
100% Elemental (matching area and slayer type)
Super Slayer (potentially flexible slot with Cameo)
73% Mana Leech
44% Stam Leech
44% Hit Area (matching elemental damage and slayer type)
Flexible slot being most often Damage %/Life Leech/maybe hit lightning/fireball if it matches the elemental damage

Step 1: Base Item Choice
(A) Elemental damage base - Extremely powerful with the swordsmanship mastery, Onslaught.
Combining Slayer+their weakest element as base damage+hit area of matching element is very strong.
(if no forged metal of artifacts, maybe enhance as part of this step to hit 100% of an element)

(Seen here, a perfect base to build a reptile slayer weapon as seen previously)

(B) Runic Reforged - For obtaining non-imbuable mods on a weapon, 100% elemental weapons, or obtaining intensities above what you can imbue.
Reference https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/skills/imbuing/runic-reforging/ on runic reforging, a handy chart at the bottom.
Keep in mind, if you are planning on imbuing with mods of very heavy weights, Exceptional weapons give 50 more max weight space.

(A Runic Reforged base with 56% Hit area, higher then is possible to imbue)

(C) Found magic item - One with 4 or less mods in which you want to add a mod too. Getting mats for certain slayers can be difficult, reforging for certain mods can be difficult, finding a base item is often easier.
Do not forget that you can overwrite mods on an item, to imbue it higher or lower intensity, or change slayers, or even change hitspell/hitarea types.

(An interesting find, would be good vs an enemy with equal fire and energy as weakest resist, just need hit mana leech and hit stam leech)

Step 2: Whetstone of enervation
-If your build doesn't run damage on the weapon, using this must be before Imbuing

-Powder of Fortification to 255 durability (do not forget)
-Imbuing an item makes it brittle, even though it is not labeled as such

Step 4: Imbue!
-Normally prioritize mods requiring Relic frags, then Enchanted Essence, then Magical Residue
-Counter to the previous statement, be sure to imbue Hit Mana Leech/Hit Life Leech BEFORE imbuing Swing Speed Increase, the math is funky and you end up with a higher % doing it in this order.
-I personally imbue hit stamina leech last most of the time.
-You don't have to have a mod so high it requires special mats for it to still be effective.

(Dont misclick or forget to Powder!)

Step 5: Enhance
-use Forged Metal of Artifacts, from UO Store
-this step is after imbuing so that the enchanced mods like +40 luck from gold, or 5% hit/10% damage from Yew, dont effect the weight during imbuing.

Step 6: Customize
-Dye it, if thats your thing
-Name it, be sure to use the weapon engraving tool not weapon rename deed

And your done!
Remember that you are going to create alot of weapons, a whole box of elemental slayers and other situational weapons, so get to it.