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Active Events The Crystal of Duplicity [ Ongoing ]


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This is currently an active ongoing event! The info here is what we have so far. Join discord and hop in game to become part of the story!

Part One: Bane Chosen Re-appear

After years of being inactive, the Bane Chosen suddenly made a resurgence, attacking major outposts and guard towers along trade routes all over Sosaria. Everywhere they struck they left ruins and empty carts as they gathered the supplies needed to feed their army. None could say why they reappeared or where they had come from, but the attacks could not going unnoticed.

Adventurers across the land gathered together to help push back the Chosen on more than one occasion. Beach landings, retaking guard outposts, and eventually... defending Yew itself.

Part Two: Yew
It is then that the True Britannians, a guild created by Dupre himself, made contact with the adventurers and worked on a plan. As the Chosen army grew in size and reinforced itself with daemons, it became a nearly unstoppable force. They overwhelmed the city of Yew and it's guards, occupying the entirety of the town. Again, defenders were called from across Sosaria to retake the city. It was during this fighting that adventurers found mysterious shards. The True Britannians called on adventurers to collect these shards for research.

But, the Chosen had other ideas. They called in even more allies, attempting to gain assistance in opening the Heartwood portal so that daemons would have access to the artifacts contained within. And indeed, Chosen allies, agents of evil from across Sosaria jumped in to help.

In the end, the True Britannians were able to gather enough crystals to conduct their research, but the Chosen had not left empty handed. With new allies on both sides, the world of Sosaria was ripe for war.

Part Three: Massacre of NuJel'm
With the crystal research concluded, the True Britannians able to track down not only information on the Chosen, but also their intentions. The Chosen sought to launch a full scale attack on the city of Nujel'm in order to obtain an ancient artifact called Hearthflame. This hammer, tucked safely behind protective shields, was said to be able to repair parts of the Crystal of Duplicity. In doing this, the daemons could obtain an even more powerful army, one that could become nearly limitless.

Both sides began gathering armies in preparation for the attack. Allies, both evil and good, answered the call. Both attackers and defenders launched into the fray, turning the entire city into a warzone where friend and foe alike simply fought for their survival. Red and purple capes fluttered through the battlefield representing the allies on each side of the battle.

After an intense and dangerous fight, the Bane Chosen came out victorious. The daemons managed to steal the Hearthflame artifact and will likely be able to rebuild part of the crystal. A huge blow to the forces of Order.