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Custom Content The Magical Carrot - Reset your pet's training!


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The Magic Carrot

This is an item that will reset your pets training back to it's original state!

Reset your pets training to what it was when you got it!


So what started out as an April Fools was actually an item that was implemented into the game as a reverse April Fools!

A very sought after feature of UOAlive and UO in general has been the ability to reset poor decisions made when training your pet. This came with all sorts of hurdles and the like, but ultimately, very doable.

The following works like this:

The Snapshot

This is the original state of your pet when you first tame it. The minute you hit that “training” button in animal lore

Your pet is put into a database. This database is now permanent for the duration of the life of your pet. We originally setup multiple stages where you could essentially reverse each “training slot” you did but found it to be exploitable due to just retraining one pet per encounter over and over with little repercussion or diversity needed in a class that already has an edge. So we went with the all or nothing approach.

The Magical Carrot

The way it works is simple, no matter how little or much you have trained your pet, as long as it has a snapshot in the database (any pet tamed after March 26th 2023) you can use a magical carrot on it like you would a simple food and it will reset your pet back to its original state pre training.

  • All powerscrolls used will be removed and not refunded
  • All skills will be reset to the original snapshot of the pet when you tamed it
  • All training will be lost and you must train your pet again to get the skill points to train it up.


It is that simple. Get a Magical Carrot, feed it to your pet, and reset all the bad decisions you made when you trained the pet the first time.



Go to the Magincia Stone Exchange and recall off the rune in the upper left corner with the Carrot. You will then need to fight through a spiral. In the center area is a hidden stash of these carrots for purchase!


The Cost

I mean besides the morally ambiguous question here of wiping the memories of fluffy, it will cost a good chunk of money to purchase one of these carrots so you must be sure this is the pet you wish to reset. This is in place to keep a checks and balances for tamers and not just using one pet for everything.

The Result

Never worry again about a point or two misplaced in a pet you just love to death. You can now perfect your min max vision of your Legendary tame without fear of having to do it all again!
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