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**Skills Required**

Mysticism - 120
Focus - 100
Magery - 100
Spell Weaving - 100
Ninjitsu - 100
Tactics - 100
Anatomy - 100
Mastery - Mysticism

** You will want to raise various skills to 120 based on your playstyle. Anatomy will be your sacrificial lamb for this. Skill Jewelry is always a boon. I'd recommend at least one crafted piece with +Mysticism (it doesn't drop naturally) to overcome your -5 due to Mystic Weapon.

**The Concept: **
Do you want to throw summons at your opponents while raining magic bow and sword like a lunatic?!? Look no further. I present *drum rollll* THE NINJA SUMMONER (may or may not have been inspired by Naruto). I'll explain each skill and their purpose below.

*Healing Stone* - Acts as your summonable potions. It summons into your pack and gives you a set of amount of points. You can tap it to use the points and heal or cure yourself. It heals 31 points at 100 Focus. It will cure any poison as long as you have the points to cover it. The higher the poison, the more points required. At 100 Focus it summons with 268 points and will cure you of high level poisons 3-4 times. If you're not poisoned, it's worth 268 HPs. There is an internal cool down timer, the more you tap, the lower the healing becomes. Stone will cure poison regardless of internal timer. Seems to fully refresh at 10 seconds or so.

*Spell Trigger* - This drops a stone into your pack that lets you instantly cast a spell. It has a 15 minute cooldown timer on use. I use it to cast healing stone as an emergency back up in case of poison and my healing stone has two few points to cure. One tap and it will restock the points on your healing stone.

*Cleansing Winds* - This will both cure and heal you. It will heal for more if you don't need to be cured. This is your big heal/cure targetable spell.

*Rising Colossus* - This is your tank summon. He is hard to dispel thanks to the UOAlive exclusive summoning changes. He's great aoe and single target, moves like a paragon. He is your front line. Short summon.

*Mystic Weapon* - This is going to replace your weapon skill. It places an enchant on your weapon that allows you to use Mysticism(-5) in place of any weapon skill. If you're a gargoyle this includes Throwing weapons. 15 minute buff. Easy to maintain. Dispels on unequip. Keep an eye on it. If melee you go from Hero to Zero instantly.

*Nether Blast* - A straight line AOE that will do good damage and drain your opponents of mana while returning it to you. If you're fighting against anything with some sort of mana pool, you will never run out of mana.

*Enchanted Summoning* - All Summoned Creatures will be buffed. No matter what school of magic they were summoned with.

*Arcane Circle* - Used to summon an Arcane Focus Crystal. An Arcane Focus Crystal will empower your damage and healing spells as if it were Eval Int for Magery. Fel Britain Bank will have a circle that will grant you a max powered crystal. At 100 Spellweaving this will last for 5 hours.

*Gift of Renewal* - A fantastic Heal over Time spell. This will keep you up through some fairly intense damage. Has a bit of a cooldown timer before you can cast it on a target again once it has been cast. You can also use this to keep your summons up.

*Immolating Weapon* - Good for single target damage. Adds fire damage on every hit. Can be a mana drain, but won't be an issue if you keep Nether Blast on your target.

*Attunement* - Acts a barrier verses damage. At 100 Spellweaving with arcane focus 6 it will absorb 81 physical damage and last 2 minutes. Nice to pair with Mirror Image and Gift of Renewal for some incredible survivability.

*Wildfire* - This is going to be one of your champ spawn trash clearers. Targets a very broad area and does fire damage over time. Used in combination with 'Hit Area x' and Focus Attack it will drop trash spawn like flies.

*Gift of Life* - Auto-Self Resurrect on death. Will last 15 minutes and can be refresh in conjunction with Mystic Weapon.

*Arcane Empowerment* - Strengthen all Summons and Spell damage. I personally have difficulty using this because it costs 50 mana and only lasts 30 seconds, but in theory, it should be great. I'll have to try to figure out how to work it in.

You're not going to have Eval Int or Meditation. You're not going to be flinging spells. That's ok. You can still mark, recall, gate and summon anything at full strength!

*Summon Creature* - This is your bread and butter. This is your work horse. You will be casting this when you don't have a summon out. Your summons will last about 9 minutes with this build. These are fantastic creatures. If you don't have problems with Dispel, keep two out. If you do have issues, hide one behind your colossus.

Now for the fun.

*Focus Attack* - If you were a Sampire, this would be your Lightning Strike. This attack is fairly easy to misunderstand. At a glance it seems like it just makes your +Hit spell weapon enchants fire off more often. It does, but oh it does so much more. It increases the likelyhood of all to hit properties of occurring. Health/Mana/Stamina Drain. Hit Area. Hit Lower Defense. Hit Lightning. The second component is +damage. The plus damage component is tricky because it increases your damage on your weapon. That means it is limited by your 100% gear damage increase. This allows you to not worry about +damage on your armor and focus on other things. You want to gear for hitting 100% when Focus Attack is Active.

*Animal Form* - You know what you can't do when you have a Colossus and Creature Summoned? Have a mount. You know what you can do? Turn into an animal and fly like the wind! Tons of utility in here. I mainly use it for a hasty retreat due to the fact you can't use Focus Attack or cast any spell (other than mirror image) with it. (Booo!)

*Mirror Image* - Summons a clone of yourself that can absorb damage for you and then is subsequently kerpoofed. Fantastic defensive ability. Useful when you find yourself targeted. Note, it does take a follower slot. So more of an emergency situation spell rather than something you keep up. I tie it to a macro that uses my healing stone. More on that later.

** Honestly, Ninjitsu is kind of in a bad spot for PVE. Lots of useless abilities here, but the ones you are using, are perfect for this build. I've opened a discussion thread in the Suggestions/Ideas section on the forums. Come share your thoughts!

**Stat Distribution**
I use a balanced approach. You can play this any way you want. Go Dex and Str, or Go full Int for magic reserves. I personally like 80, 80, 70 (Elf) with my melee mad man tendencies.

Since you do everything, everything is useful. Highly recommended Max Resist + LRC 100%. It's craftable, you can buy it. Slap +LMC and Mana Regen on it if you're making your own. I tend to use the vendor search for high LRC, high stat, and anything with +HCI +DCI. You can get away with your standard imbued start set. Once again, this depends on your playstyle. If you find yourself casually sitting back with a bow and flinging spells you'll find DCI isn't needed and you can look for SDI. Weapon should be one handed with spell channeling. In the event you want to use a two-handed weapon or bow you would benefit from Balanced in addition to Spell Channeling. This is so you can have a free hand to tap your Healing stone whenever you need to.

**Some things I like to do**
*Macros and Scripts*
Healing Stone and Mirror Image script - It searches the pack for a healing stone and uses it and then immediately casts mirror image. If you have a summon slot available, it'll give you some extra protection, if you don't it uses your healing stone and stops there. I have this script activated on a hotkey.

Mystic Weapon and Gift of Life on a macro - Cast one and then cast the other directly after. They both have the same cooldown timer. It just makes sense and is easier to maintain.

Attack nearest and activate Focus Attack macro - Tap a button and wail away. After the initial hit I tap a hotkey to use Focus Attack. You could probably script this, but I like having control over my mana output if my Mana leech doesn't keep me topped off.

Arm/Disarm Left and Right macro - I have this tied to my space bar. Obviously you want spell channeling to not have to worry about this. In case of a bow, you'd want balance and spell channeling, but that is cutting into your enchants if you're imbuing your own weapons.

**Example Playstyles Rotations**
*Single Target Boss* - Pets Attack. Nether Blast. Immolate Weapon. Focus Attack (Hit Spell weapon property).

*Trash Spawn Clear* - Pets Attack, Wildfire, Focus Attack (Hit Area weapon property). Use Nether Blast to target the beefier mobs in the packs and do focus pack kills.
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Healing Stone + Mirror Image Orion Script -

function useHealingStone()
var healingStone = Orion.FindType('0x4078',any,'mainbag');
Orion.Cast('Mirror Image');



Mystic Weapon and Gift of Life Macro -
Mystic Weapon.png

Arm/Disarm -

Attack Nearest-
Attack Nearest.png
Hello, i am new on this shard. Is this the toon that can summon those faire things ? I seen a video on youtube of a lady doing it. I wasn't sure what her build is or nothing she never posted it.
Hello, i am new on this shard. Is this the toon that can summon those faire things ? I seen a video on youtube of a lady doing it. I wasn't sure what her build is or nothing she never posted it.
Summon Fey, it is a Spellweaving spell you have to do a quest to get, there is also Summon Fiend that summons imps and also from a quest.