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Past Events The Pumpkins are Retreating! For now...


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It seems your efforts in the Graveyard against the evil Pumpkin Heads did not go un-heeded. You have pushed them underground to the farms West of Brit. Maybe now we will get some reprieve from their evil slimy gooey seeds.

Something tells you this is not over, as there is blood in the air...


Or perhaps they just got pushed out by the new threat... the dream wraiths. But no that can't be right, it is just a dream....

For now, you take heed and should go to your local NPC's to say "trick or treat" and enjoy the festivities without as much fear of the Pumpkins taking a bite out of your face. If you are curious, you could investigate the farms and see if they truly are gone by picking some pumpkins with your loved ones... if you dare!!!!!

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