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Past Events The Silver Manacle re-opening and tour!


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(Hingel McCringle)
Hello everyone!

I am proud to announce the re-opening of The Silver Manacle and give you a grand tour! We have moved to the West side of the abyss and added many things to better serve all of you fine citizens!

1st floor.png

The front yard now has various teleporters, ankhs of sacrifice, and a chest of sending. There is also a shady character that has been out front, and it looks like he might be selling something. The first floor is the night club, with a full bar and live music. You can even get a free drink a day by saying "cheers" to the bartender! The room in the Northwest corner has a repair bench and an alchemy station available for anyone to use!

2nd floor.png

The second floor is a bit more relaxed. It features a fireplace and a reading nook with some lovely player-made adult literature! We have all leather dye tubs, and roses for you to harvest petals from. On the southern patio there are fountains of life, a refinement amalgamator, and two vendors.

3rd floor.png

The third floor features four rooms for rent, and the wash rooms for guests.


The rooftop is Gord'Zilla's study, and I'd be careful disturbing that guy. He has an arcane circle and a runebook dye tub that you can use up there if you want. There's another vendor that likes to relax there as well.

I am excited about this new location, and I look forward to seeing all the new visitors! Safe travels everyone!

OOC: If anybody has difficulty using anything just let me (itsgodzilla on discord) know! I will try to keep the repair bench, alchemy table, etc. stocked/charged, but if anybody wants to add deeds or anything you are welcome to!
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