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Exotic The Wildfire Ostard


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The Wildfire Ostard


The Wildfire Ostard was introduced with the Treasures of Wildfire event on June, 2021. Like the Triton players could get the pet in statue form exchanging 200 drops from the Artifact Trader placed outside Fire Dungeon.

Despite all the players could purchase the statue, only tamers could open it to get the pet double-clicking on the statue, releasing the pet that will instant bond with the character. Grand Master Taming is mandatory to use the statue.

Wildfire Ostard after being released from statue

After releasing the pet, players can trade it to another player with GM Taming Skill.

Basically the Wildfire Ostard stats are based on Bane Dragon and both share the Reactive Poisoning ability. In order to recharge the poison, player need to fed his pet with Blackrock Stew

On UOAlive, you will need to hunt this down! It is a special spawn. Look for a place with poison and fire!