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Past Events Tiny House Contest (UOAlive Sanctioned Player Run Event with Extra Prizes!)


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In these days of everyone wanting the biggest castle, the rarest pet, and the best gear, let's not forget our humble beginnings . . . the lovable 7x7 tiny house! Ah, remember those days of killing everything in sight and selling every possible piece of junk loot to save up for that wonderful first house? The joys of home ownership! Sadly, so many of those tiny plots and houses are just used for stacking storage chests these days.

And that's why we're challenging you to decorate a tiny house!

The rules are pretty simple . . .
  • This contest if open to anyone.
  • 7x7 houses ONLY! It must be a house, not an open plot. Roof? That's up to you.
    (There are 6 pre-made 7x7 houses available, priced from 35-36,750k, or the custom plot for 33k. Affordable even for new players.)
  • If you have a larger plot, you can build a 7x7 house somewhere on it and still enter, but ONLY that 7x7 will be judged so keep the yard around it simple.

THEME . . . There is no theme. Feel free to get creative in whatever style you'd like, as long as it's not just stacks of chests.

TO ENTER . . .
1: Post a photo of your contest entry in this forum post.
(Discord is only to show progress and discuss the event.)
2: Drop a rune to your gorgeous tiny house in the mailbox at Breeville Market(located on the Public Vendor Gate), and leave a message on the message board with either your Discord name, or your character/home owner name(s).
(If you're borrowing a house for this contest, we'll need to know your character name, otherwise we'll be considering the owner name on the house sign as the entrant.)

JUDGING . . . A small panel of judges will visit each house at the end of the contest and choose a winner.
(There will eventually be a runebook locked down at the Breeville entrance so anyone can visit the entries.)
(Post a pic of your entry here so everyone can see, but judging will be done by actually visiting the houses.)

PRIZES . . .
  1. st place - 500k gold, 1000 sovs, Special Trophy and Ribbon.
  2. nd place - 250k gold, 500 sovs, a Ribbon.
  3. rd place - 100k gold, 250 sovs, a Ribbon.
(Thank you so much to those donating prizes!)

CONTEST DATES . . . May 10-31, 2024
(This gives you PLENTY of time to buy, place, build, borrow a 7x7 and get that one tiny room decorated!)

Good luck, everyone!

By the way, this is also a great opportunity to get your crafters busy since people will be looking for furniture and decor. This could help stimulate the economy, the market, and vendor search!
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Title: The Macabre McDonald's Tiny House in the Seaside Forest

My family and I have designed a McDonald's-inspired tiny house for Uoalive, as our entry into the 7x7 Tiny House competition. This concept revolves around the eerie tale of Uncle McDonald, who, hidden within a seaside forest, eliminates wrongdoers and turns them into human meat burgers, yet always shows kindness towards the righteous. A short story shedding more light on this narrative can be found on the second floor of our creatively constructed tiny house.


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Three things matter in real estate. Location, location and location. Character name is Quabajus and she humbly submits her OG style 7 x 7 field stone home courtesy of a 100k donation by LiQuiD. (Thank you (y)). Bougie came from a shard that didn't have custom homes so she used the crafting skills she had available and built this perfect little gem of a she shed! Her inscription is now GM courtesy of an ample supply of scrolls and reagents from the nearby mage camp! Alchemy & Poisoning will soon follow! There are plenty of trees and stone nearby - so she will GM Lumberjacking and Mining very soon as well. Over the hill to the south is a cave, bridge and river some VERY interesting pastel noisy neighbors, and some of them are not so friendly - but that's life in Felucca. She looks forward to getting the vet award of the teleporter so she can set up a quick link to the Britannian Soul Forge to more easily imbue items.
And Matt Foley kept telling Bougie she was gonna live in a van down by the river!:p


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Legends of the Hidden Temple !

This was a fun build. It gave me a lot of ideas for making a haunted house using the same mechanics. I really wish the music box was usable by anyone but that's life. Sometimes you get the treasure, and sometimes the treasure guards get you! Enjoy!

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Greetings, wanderers and dreamers! Today, I'm thrilled to unveil a delightful gem nestled within the enchanting realm of Trammel. My new cozy outpost, where I can spend your days in quiet reflection by the sea.

*EDIT* - it was so engaged and it was so fun that I tweaked house further



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Are you ready for adventure? Then take a trip up to Antonia's Free Treasure and BBQ Shack. Dive headfirst into our giant pile of "free treasure" or place an wholesale order for the best ribs east of that river over there.

You'll have to visit to see what's going on here, and exactly who, or what, calls this rib shack home. Don't forget to say -hi- to Astra! (Aajeneo)