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Treasure Chests
Some custom stuff with treasure chests that differ from OSI: https://www.uoguide.com/Treasure_Map

  • Treasure maps currently use the era-accurate positioning system, but drop the enhanced loot introduced in a later publish
  • Added crafting recipes to Cache & above t-map chests on a very random drop (all facets). None of the rare or Doom recipe drops are included.
  • Added runic tools to Cache & above t-map chests on a very random drop (all facets).
  • 1 runic or recipe will be dropped in a treasure bag (a 2nd gem bag simply renamed as Treasure Bag).
    • The Runics & Recipes only drop with the Artisan maps.
  • Scrolls of Transcendence & alacrity scrolls now drop in Cache t-map chests (all facets) which reduces the odds of getting nothing but power scrolls.
  • Each t-map chest Cache & above will all have a chance of dropping a combination of SOT's, Alacrity, Power Scrolls and the occasional t-map, Trove being the exception on the T-map dropping.
  • Overall gold has been decreased to make room for these higher end items.
  • Treasure Chests will now despawn after 1 hour instead of 3 and any map that is under a home or inaccessible should reset within 24 hours after decoding, must be stored in your home.
  • Chest location to treasure map coordinates (Players can trust "Chest Location", not Razor's "Location") No more relogging!
  • Treasure chests have a much higher chance to spawn mobs now from picked up loot.
  • Treasure Chests will no longer spawn mobs for stacked gems, gold, or regs looted.
    • The reason: there were scripts circulating that were giving those who ran them versus those who didn't an unfair monetary advantage over others and were unbalancing a system we worked hard to balance long long ago (as those who have been here for years, know we put a lot of work into not having a massive gold injection with these chests while maintaining the risk vs reward and not going the way of OSI).
  • Chests despawn after 1 hour instead of 3 days
  • If you try to remove a chest and there are still mobs out, you will be told you must clear them first.
  • Once a chest is removed all mobs will despawn and do not stay in the world, roaming to kill unsuspecting players and adding to the mob count sporadically.
  • We removed hues from many of the mobs as we found it just made it weird looking, monsters will spawn with their normal hues be it a Guardian or normal mob.
  • Fixed Tamable mobs spawning from Treasure Chests. Hello Frost Dragons, Tigers, and bears...
    • Panther
    • WildTiger
    • Lion
    • SabreToothedTiger
    • Dimetrosaur
    • Saurosaurus
    • Triceratops
    • DragonWolf
    • FrostDragon
  • Anyone can remove a chest left out in the world in the left click context menu.
  • Map Tables and Cartography Tables show enhanced coordinates.
    • You can get your own Cartography table from the Magincia Stone Exchange.
    • The Map Table is from Vet Rewards.
  • Dungeon Chests have a chance to drop RARES. The higher the level the more likely. Also cleaned up erroneous items and added more helpful items like more bolts, arrows, and refinements!
  • Treasure chests can be accessed by everyone. This means you can group loot, remove chests that have been left out to rot, and the like. This is still UOAlive, so anyone found griefing this system will be removed from UOAlive.
  • Added a chance for Stashes to drop Deco
  • Added a chance for all Facets Cache and up to drop power scrolls
  • Increased Items by 2x in most treasure chests (sell to vendors if you want more gold)
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