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UO House Tours


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UO House tours is run by the staff and will be featured during newsletters and other places on the website. Come share your home today!

Ultima Online has a lot of really cool things in it, one of the major ones other than Nostalgia is the housing and the depth in which we could decorate or organize our homes to best suit our play style and needs. Even the simplest of homes can be hiding some magical moments:


I would love to invite those with really cool houses to do tours of their place. We can live stream it and then highlight the tour.

I guess you could think of UO Cribs ha.

The point is to not only promote your place and awesome deco and design skills but to show new players exactly what you can make when you put your mind to it in UO. (or perhaps just to expose your OCD for how your ingots need to be stacked...)

I think housing is a huge aspect of what really made UO great for me as a kid and I would love to share that with others. (as you can tell by my house building threads and timelapses)

For instance ran into this today:
A random home (close)

It isn't the most amazing house ever but inside it is really awesome to look at. I feel like there are hidden gems out there for people to see.

Anyway, looking forward to those that wish to participate, post here with screenshots perhaps and we can setup a time to go through your place live on twitch!

Anyone who has a house with a lot of potential but maybe not the funds to furnish I will be bringing my carpenter to these interview and will be happy to help out "best in progress" houses! Slowly removing roofless dirt plots, one house at a time! :)

Our first Housing Highlight with @Hexoplex is now up:

Our second Housing Highlight with Hero by Choice:

Our Third Housing Highlight with @Lavitz

Hit me up if you want to be interviewed! You will be featured.