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In the game, there are several different types of "currencies" that players can earn. These include BRITCOIN, Sovereigns, Event Tokens, and Clean Up Britannia (CUB) Points.

, is earned by simply being logged into the game, you are rewarded for your time in game so you have even more currency to spend on fun and exciting items since UOAlive has no pay to win items. Players can earn double (or similar) BRITCOIN while in blessed areas such as The Three Stone Tavern, Zento Vendor Plaza, Rune Library, Britain crafting area, West Britain Bank, and others so encourage you to hang out at these locations prior to engagements or for events. BRITCOIN can be traded or sold between accounts and players. Additionally, BRITCOIN can be exchanged for Sovereigns at the Magical Stone Exchange in New Magincia (Moongate Network under special locations).



Sovereigns are used for purchasing items from the UO Store and are earned from completing certain tasks or achievements(access by typing [myachievements in game), as well as from participating in events. These can also be purchased from the Magical Stone Exchange or from other players who sell them at a discounted price. Once added to a player's wallet (by double clicking them). You can also obtain them via the https://uoalive.com/forum/pages/support/ page.




Event Tokens are earned by participating in events at varying rates, such as the monthly Luna Invasion. Players can type [invasion in game to see when invasions will happen. The Event Token stone at the Magical Stone Exchange has items that can only be purchased with Event Tokens. These may be traded or sold between accounts and players.

Clean Up Britannia (CUB) Points are earned by placing unwanted items in the trash system and can be used to purchase unique items. A recent update allows for the consolidation of CUB points across all characters and accounts. These may be traded or sold between accounts and players.

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Gold is acquired through a variety of means. From slaying fearsome beasts and embarking on epic quests, to searching for hidden treasures via trfeasure hunting, high seas plundering or epic champion battles. Or perhaps you want to interact with others? Selling valuable items to fellow players is quite fruitful, there's no shortage of ways to increase your gold balance.

And keeping track of your hard-earned wealth is a breeze. Simply type "[wallet" in the game and voila! You'll be able to view your gold balance and Sovereign count from anywhere, any time.

All gold is bound to your account and not limited by your character's carrying capacity. That means that when you deposit gold into your bank, it deposits into your account balance, like magic. Withdrawing funds is just as simple - simply say "withdraw (amount)" to a banker, or if you're looking to make a trade, simply type the amount you wish to spend in the lower left corner of the trade window. This account wide system of gold truly opens up the world of possibilities in this game, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the experience without being held back by limitations. Went to the shop but forgot to bring your wallet? No problem, use your britWatch with BritainPay.



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